Sleeping Beauty, Antonio Caparo (2D)


Title: Sleeping Beauty
Name: Antonio Caparo
Country: Canada
Software: Photoshop

Hi There,
This is my entry for the Steampunk Myth and Legend Challenge. It was great to be part of the competition. I´m totally connected with the Steampunk aesthetics now and want to go back to it in future illustrations maybe retelling classic tales or myths again. It was done in Photoshop, for more information and making of, please follow my challenge thread:


I’m in love! She’s awesome, great job, best of luck!


wonderful. esp the palette and the detailing, those guys in the foreground look really good. and nice job on the materials too…:).



wow~!nice work! like your idea.That’s great! But the “persons” seems to hadn’t third dimension.Buy the way … If strengthen shading or highlighting will be better.


looks cool the colors are really great,its more of a spacepunk then Steampunk nice job man keep it up :slight_smile:



It looks fantastic! Good luck with the contest! :buttrock:


Beautiful piece, Antonio! Love the textures and lighting.
Good luck with the challenge! :slight_smile:


interesting piece. It has a very pencil drawing type feel to it. I noticed that you rendered a more “rounded” woman inside the test tube instead of a slender model type. It actually seems to help sense she makes a larger focus in the piece. the agua-like color of her tube and whatever’s in it is a nice compliment to the stark, dark hues used throughout the rest of the image. Nice job.


Very, very cool.


very stylish :slight_smile: lovely painting



Hi everyone,
Thanks a lot for your comments!
Veronika: yes, I love the traditional drawing tools (pencil, ink, pastels) so I always want something of it remains in my digital pieces. I used a pencil line in the early stages of the image and although it is almost completely vanished there is something of it still. Besides I always try to use a Photoshop brush that allows me crosshatch the volumes on the skin.


wow i rly like the use of colours on this pic and the idea is great! fantastic job :smiley:


cool . . .


Always a pleasure to see your art. Fantastic work


nice steampunk!


Congratulations! A well deserved choice award! I loved your piece from the beginning of the challenge! :thumbsup:


A very good work with wonderful colors and idea



I remember this one clearly from the challenge. Congrats :slight_smile:


wonderful image! The only little crit I have: Shouldn´t the green light of the tube emit a little bit of its color into the (closer) environment (“color bleeding”)? That´s the only point that doesn´t look too convincing to me.

Nevertheless: Top notch work!



Ok, I loved everything in this piece…I loved the concept…Well done Antonio :beer: