Slayer, Guang Yang (3D)


Title: Slayer
Name: Guang Yang
Country: China
Software: 3ds max, Mudbox, Photoshop, VRay, ZBrush

I want to make a cg work full of explosive force.I named this work “slayer”.This is the end of a story of fighting.The hard part is designing his pose and expression,hope you like it.
this work cost more than one month.I used 3ds Max to finish basic model and detials were done in Zbrush. Hair was created in hairtrix and rendered by Vray.


very nice result! I like the pose of the character, gives it a very strong feel… good job!


ouch! :smiley:

great work and sculpting details


Well done :thumbsup: :applause:

remind me of CONAN the Barbaric


Nice job…

What animal is that?


Strong forearms are strong!

Mirin the barbaric look :slight_smile:

Very good image 5/5


very nice work…

Good luck…:applause:


Stunning pose and feel to the image but if I might suggest more goo and gore on the hero figure, I assume he’s fought his way out of the belly of the beast, making him look more slime covered would make a great image a superb image.


Amazing work.
Posted it on the blog.


Wow this is awesome man!
Good job! :thumbsup:


This is great! you can see the expression on his face as he strains to force his way out! - brilliant


That Fore Arm Is Amazing!


Really amazing work. Feels more like a toy then real? Was that your intent?

Also the knife has no blood on it. :frowning:


Thanks all the feedback
close up:


Great image! The pose and composition work really well.


Lot of good work in here, great sensation on this CG , best of luck in future


You have a achieved a lot of fabulous stuff in this image.
Great work!


Holy crap, this is top notch stuff.


Awesome work!

he will have a big steak for dinner…


I really like it so much!!! very nice work, look also so much dynamic pose