Slave of the Satyr King (nudity), Marek Hlavaty (2D)


Title: Slave of the Satyr King (nudity)
Name: Marek Hlavaty
Country: Slovakia
Software: Photoshop

Captured by Satyrs, She waits for their lustful King.

Photo reference used for the girl. Hope you like her :slight_smile: C&C welcome as usualy.


OHH MAN Iam waiting for this piece one long week… Nice deatails and light colours. 5* Keep it up:thumbsup:


brilliant. thumbs up.


lovely…sonice and experssive:bounce:

5 star from me:thumbsup: :bounce:


Wow Amazing and Beautiful work! what more can i say…


This beautiful! The atmosphere, and the whole image is awesome! U’ve caught the mood so good! I have to tell you, i don’t find the right words, so i’m simply givin’ you stars! Keep it up! :thumbsup:


words cannot do this artwork justice.
i am awestruck.
thank you for it.


Damn, you’re so talented prasa. I think this is the first you’ve actually spent a considerable amount of time working on an artwork. I got confused when I first saw this since your regular stuff’s really far off from this one.

It works very, very well for you man. Keep rocking.


Great, great, great. What more can i say?


Ahoj, Marek. “Slave of the Satyr king” is a Fantastic work. The colours, the details all brillant. When I first show the work something ( in my opinon ) was uneasy about it, unsettling…At first I thought it was because of “bad” placement of the subject in the center of the work. Then I realised it was’nt “bad” placement at all…it was “good” placement of the subject. With her in the center of the work
(again, in my opinon) gives it the feeling of loneliness, isolation, void of hope. ( giveing me the unsettling feeling ) Makeing this a very emotional piece.
very nicely done.

Also in your Portfolio the Knights fighting on the ruin bridge is fantastic also.


The way she’s pointing her toes down seems odd (not in an anatomical sense, but in the sense that I wonder why is she putting in the extra effort to point her toes down?).
And is that a satyr in the background? That shadowy form just past the tree that’s right in front of her? Looks like a head with two horns scampering through the forest! Adds a sense of creepiness~
Model’s great, very beautiful piece. I especially like the lighting. The rendering on the girl and the plot of land around her is lovely.


This is looking very beautiful. I love the use of color, framing of composition, and technical ability to finish something as you did. Thank you for sharing this with us. (Love the detail on the wings)… I want to go rescue her, haha. Great Job.

5 *'s from me.

-Jason Scheier


lovely piece!
You know your job. :thumbsup:


I think it’s a great work, and i like the light in your work very much!
4* to you~


Beautiful…lovely sense of light and color.



I like her :drool:

Beautifull work :thumbsup:
The BG is a bit too “undefined” for my taste, but that’s just my taste.


really nice painting…!!!":thumbsup:


Incredible ! 5*


Very nice,romantic and genlty:)


Very beautiful work, Marek, I liked it from the moment I layed my eyes on it =) You have done a really beautful job on the skintones and the overal composition… I also have to say I love those wings :smiley:
I personally like the way you have hinted the background, instead of painting every leaf on every tree. It lets the viewer to concentrate purely on the character.

What I have noticed after a few minutes of admiring the painting is a few anatomical errors: The fairy is obviously (eheheh) female, BUT her arms seem masculine. They are much too thick and her elbows alone seem kind of male-ish. For comparison check her calfs - they are thinner than the arms, which doesn’t seem too correct.
It’s nothing major, because as mentioned, I spotted it ater a few minutes of careful watching. Just thought you might want to know. Still, a lovely lovely job! :smiley: