Slauhterhouse Martyr


Heres the final render:)


I have been working on this scene for about 3 weeks now.

I’m jusy looking for some good crits on lighting mostly.

Heres the story,

There are two brothers. One is Todd a trouble maker and the other Sam a devoted Christian. Sam is always trying to help his bother stay out of trouble, which is by trying to convert him to Christianity, by saying things like you are going to hell if you don't accept Jesus in to his heart! etc etc. Todd just doesn't give a crap about life, this made Sam very mad. So one night Sam has this dream about God speaking to him, saying to stop his bother Todd at all cost.

But Todd has a split personality, which kills Sam in his sleep, to covert his other personality to Christianity, by setting up a scene which is Christ like in nature, so that he would make himself fear the Lord. To realize its Sam upon discovery.

Anyways here is the scene so far. The flashlight is what Todd is holding, I have not modeled him yet, but will be soon. I just need to work more on lighting and textureing.

[left]Oh by the way this is for a challenge over at :) 

Any c&c would be great!



Looks awesome man! Great work on the concept and nice work on the texturing. I can’t wait to see the final image. btw, what is Todd going to look like? Good luck :smiley:


Thanks for your reply Necksmasher:)

Well I’m think about a punk look for Todd :smiley:

Here are some renders of the earlier wip


Wow that’s SIK! I love the grain effects to the room. It gives a really dark feel…it reminds me of Silent Hill or something. The bloody bathroom looks great, that part reminds me of the bloody bathroom scene in Scarface (or was that some other movie…I forget everything). Keep up the great work :smiley:


hellraiser/silenthill/passionofthechrist lol good stuff :twisted:


Damn this is some creepy shit! Nice.


great scene man ! were can i give you some stars !?


Hey thanks guys!

Necksmasher, Yeah the grain effects does add to the scene. I love the silent hill series, but 4 was not as good, I think 2 is the best of the series so far:) I check your site out, nice stuff, the scene with the table is really good!

qwed88, you named it:D

Bartosz, thats the idea, i’m trying to make it as creepy as possible:)

Wow, stars!! never had any stars before! Well to post stars is in the Additonal Options below where you type your messang, which is on the bottom under “Rate Thread”

I will have more updates later today:)


Heres an update.


Great work Vedic! (lol I’m subscribed to this thread :D) It is coming along really nicely. How did you add the grain effects? In Photoshop? (or is it some filter stuff in Maya…I use 3dsmax though). Looks pretty cool. Yeah I got all the Silent Hill games in the series. SH4 was sort of disappointing. SH2 was also my favorite. I just loved the levels (I think the scariest level in the series is Brookhaven Hospital in the SH3 version). Keep up the great work man! :thumbsup:


Necksmasher, yeah the silent hill series rocks!!

The grain effects is done in photoshop:) under filter > noise > add noise.


dude great images… do you have trouble sleeping of a night :slight_smile:



Uhmmm… You’re quite sick. Which is always a good thing :thumbsup:

Keep up the good work :slight_smile:


Thanks guys, no I don’t have trouble sleeping at night:D


HAHA yeah I like it. It kinda has the atmosphere of “7”. :twisted:
I wonder how this will come out. How about some blood on the blankets and the room filled with “essence trees” ( dunno the name of it … but u know, this stuff u hang into ure car ).
Actually it looks kinda too fresh for me. The guts should hang out a lil more … and there should be some guts on the bed too. and make the blood darker. I think it kinda adds to the atmosphere when this fellah hangs there around for weeks. Dont forget the flies. :smiley:


Mortis, Thanks for all the good inputs:) I’ll work on some of those ideas good stuff!

I’m playing around with bumpmap, not too haapy with it right now, but i’m still working on:)


little update on texture.


Ahh, finally good to see someone who does something a little bit out of the norm with blood :smiley:

From the looks of things, with the top torso of the body, it seems that the chest area seems to come from muscle/skin straight to bone, the bone is colored red, yes i know for blood, but it looks a little bit too clean. imo*, chuck a little bit of meat or skin or something through the chest / ribs to allow for more of a “dirty” feel on things,

Maybe bring in more depth on the blood color, from what ive seen it seems to be mostly red, but you have to remember most blood when it dries out, becomes very dark brown / red and becomes very “dirty” looking… , Another thing is also, large amounts of blood leaving the body at one time can cause the blood to bunch together, start getting all chunky and thick, so thats another idea maybe to look into things, but i love the idea of the organs hanging out the bottom of the body (great stuff)

maybe also have a bit of skin thats been ripped off the bottom part of the body still attatched to the upper part, it mite give more of a realistic feel/touch to things…

as far as the face goes, nice work, ever thought of maybe bringing an eye out? maybe the person / individual has been dead long enough, that the skin/muscle is sagging, and since their elevated, an eye is starting to seep out of its socket? maybe its an idea to look into.

but, if its a fresh kill (no pun intended) , the human body bloats a little bit after a couple of hours i beleve, or maybe after a longer period of time,

anyhow, keep up the great work, and im really looking foward to seeing this one finish :smiley:


Hey Tyrinid, thanks for all your great inputs!! I’ll be sure to work on thoses!

I just started working on the brother.


Haha great work man! Gory scenes are really cool :smiley: The new character looks like he has a really bad cold, or some albino with an std lol. Looks pretty cool though. It would be cool to see some blood or cuts and stuff on his face. Keep up the great work man :thumbsup: