Slauhterhouse Martyr, Josh Mcgraw (3D)


Title: Slauhterhouse Martyr
Name: Josh Mcgraw
Country: USA
Software: Maya, mental ray, Photoshop

This took me 1 month to complete.

Well theres not much to say about this image, other then that this work was inpsired by a game series called Silent Hill:)

C&C are welcome.


awesome. I like it alot man. The guy in the front seems a little out of place but overall very gruesome and cool. Kind of SIlent HIll like :slight_smile:


i agree great image but the pose of the guy to the right is just wrong, it dosnt look natural but im loving the enviroment


Wow!, Yuck! and Bravo! at the same time!

well… having studied the human anathomy by detail, I get the feeling that your reference to the human “inside” is closer associated to simple gooey and gore than the actual ones.

Even so, it fulfills the demands of a horro-pic by far… so congrats and keep it up!


I think the scene setup is well-done, but the ent man and the gore involved are not convincing. Granted, most people shy away from such scenes, and it’s VERY difficult to do in CG. But I think that there would be a very, very different amount of gore, blood, and organs in this scene if it were “real”. The corpse seems mis-sized, and I’m unconcerned so much with the foreground character because of this discrepency. Almost like you’ve overlayed cartoon gore with a fairly realistic background, so it really stands out to me…?

Just some ideas! I hope I don’t seem too harsh.


Some things don’t look really realistic and scary,but overall it’s very nice.GJ 4 stars.


It seems gay. but I love silent hill is my favorit game. I would like to do something like that. Maya is the soft that have been used for to do the game. I love the ambient. Good work man :wink:


Thanks guys!!

Well I know that the guy (brother) in the frontground is kind of out of place, but I thought it wprked ok.

Here are some wip images for you all so you can get a better idea of the scene.

Oh and heres the story.

Story over view. In shrot Sam a Christian, who is murdered in the scene. Todd a disturbed individual, who discovers his older brother dead. But for so many years Sam tryed to convert Todd to his religion (Christianity), but fail in every attempt to do so. Within the last ten years from age 14 to 24 Todd has develop a split personality, which started to believe in the idea of Christ, do to his brother Sam. The split personality is his angry entity, which hates Sam for all the pain he has cause over the years. What did Sam do to cause pain to Todd? Well Todd did not believe in the Bible, but he does believe in God. The painful part is that Sam believed Todd is going to hell, no matter how good of a person he may be, just because Todd does not believe in Christ with all his heart! Because Todd’s split personality starts to believe in Jesus the Christ, the entity wanted Todd to believe so the they could be one again. So in order to do so, the entity had to put fear into Todd’s heart of the Lord. So Todd brother is murdered in the image of Christ so that he would fear the Lord! So in other words Todd converted himself to Christianity, (so this is the time of unity, Todd and entity become ONE, through Sam. So Sam finally converted Todd by diying for his sins And this is the scene.

So as horrorifying this images may look, its really a happy ending for everyone


Oh yeah heres the brother:)


Whoa! Wasn’t expecting that…Great job!


OMG i love it!really nice ambience.i agree with the above persons ponited on the close up guy.great image too love silent hill.:thumbsup: :thumbsup:


Thanks xric!

Silent hill rocks!


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