Skyraider, Mostafa (3D)


Title: Skyraider
Name: Mostafa
Country: Egypt
Software: 3d Max

this my latest work in 3d max
it’s mercedes s class
i have just fin it
any way your comments well be nice


But nice done howewer


everything looks great except the tyres :thumbsup:


Yup agree tires appear too black…car body is nice, especially the headlights. The background is rather pixlated though.


the car looks awsome =D
just if u take the background and blur it in photoshop, then use it
it will look like ur zoomed onto the car, and u wont have that pixelated look


he he you again :smiley:

it’s the same again, you improved a lot.
when I look at your older threads/models, there is a steep improvement of your work.

keep on working so good and post more work!



thanks guys
this’s some images


wow!So great!just like a photo.


nice model and lightning… but the lights(na)



hey, thats a nice model, but theres one thing i noticed. i dont like mercs, so i dont know why i noticed it, but the thing at the front of the bonnet…arnt they normally slightly tilted back. also, i just noticed that your headlights are messed up. you need to take off the refraction that the outer glass is causing.

…and find a better background :slight_smile:


hi guys
thanks all for comments
and iam sorry fot late
i make some Modifications on the wheels
and other things
well any comments
and thanks again


very thing look nice…
except the front grill… too plastic.
replace to origional benz grill…

great work


hi Tokion
thanks man for comments
i will play again with grill
thanks again


great work mustafa … i like the body and the head light … keep it up … come on egyptians … show ur power :thumbsup:


nice work man

i like your works

i remember the old works

and this works

god save you

your brother


hi mohabta
thanks for replying man
hello The D Amer
i make my best

thanks man


Very nice man!



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