Well, im still without computer (using phone now) but it gives me time to think about the concept a little bit more. this is a sketch i did last night. it would be the outer edge of the city. A bit more natural…


I really like your sketch :thumbsup:

wait for up !


Cool Arnold, I use it too at work. Thanks for the tips on the atmosphere.

Did you try maxwell renderer plug-in? I wonder if that’s almost good as Arnold


The atmosphere is just awsome.
The rock’s base was the only thing your picture missed :wink:
Great work Keep it up!!!


finally have my laptop working again… so here is small update. i started working on those floating cliffs with some grass etc. not happy about it yet, but im confident it’s a good way to go…

Scote: nope, havent tried Maxwell. I work in animation industry and can’t see Maxwell being used for some animated feature film anytime soon :slight_smile: but it might be interesting for design/viz work…

btw, im sorry about colors. it much more saturated here than i can see on my laptop :slight_smile:


finally started modeling of more detailed houses… each floor, roof etc. should be replaceable to get some variety…


The girl looks too erotic in this picture, and is immediate attention stealer. But that’s my impression, maybe I’m wrong.


hmm, she is wearing some kind of pilot’s suit… should not be too erotic when its textured :slight_smile:

but im thinking if it’s good idea to use Last Exile character at all. maybe replacing her with some original (and more steampunk) character would be better…


i started working on pipes that will run through the city. this one is the biggest of them, but i will make some smaller as well…

here i tried another camera view and some changes in the city. some parts are ok, but there are many places that look just messy and will need a lot of work once all the components are ready. i guess that will be the most difficult part of the project :slight_smile:


Wonderful feeling to see your update each time. :thumbsup:

Keep it up.


thanks :slight_smile:

tiny update:

i tried combining 3 houses into one. it kind of works so i’m happy.
also did the first test with some colors (no textures)

and few more sketches:


Looking really fantastic, some nice tech below the hood going on here!


Thanks for keeping us updated on your progress! I’ve really enjoyed watching everything come together.

The new composition looks great. Any chance we could see a few renders above 800px? :slight_smile:



well, i know i doesn’t look like a big update, but i did quite a few things in last weeks…
i was changing the whole layout of the city a lot, but then i realized i liked the old version better so i went back to that… then i decided to make foreground more interesting with Tatiana and her own ship… modeling that vanship will take a while. but now i have enough space in foreground to put there some nice details (still have to figure out what will be there)

there some little things sketched over 3d render, it helps me think about details… :slight_smile:



Nice update.

Love the ship except the 2 sets of sets of pipes/wires (or what ever they are called), that looks like the spinning mixer to make cake, or a giant pairs of flipper (or whatever they are called) that you use to flip meats at BBQ( I am terrible with kitchen appliances names)

There is a lot of screen space for the platform, have you ideas on what to put on it?


thanks :slight_smile: i was thinking about putting there some crane (like this one: ) and crates and stuff like that. but have to try and see how it works…

as for the ship, i want to keep original design from the Last Exile series, that means it will have those pipes :slight_smile: but i can put there some extra stuff around and cover it a little bit…


If yopu put a crane, a lot of cityscape will be blocked, & probably stick out too much, in my view.

Some ideas from me.

  1. Remove the floor on the right side, & make the rest of the platform on a cliff or similar setting.


  1. Make it like a viewing plaform, like you see in some hillside overlooking a city or scene.


Juast a random thought: Those clouds dont seem to match too well with the cartoony treatment of your city at the moment. Maybe something a bit more stylised thatn photoreff stuff so they blend in better?

Possibly after the city gets textured it wont be such a clash…


PKD: yeah, blocking view of the city is quite a problem. but i want to have some nice details in foreground too… i was thinking maybe splitting the platform into two layers and lowering the right side a little bit might help

sk3d: you are right. in the end, i will most likely paint some clouds. but right now this photo quite closely matches my idea of the mood


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