Skinning/Weight Issue


Hi there, I’m new to these forums.
I’d like to understand how to solve this problem, by the moment I’m in hurry after spending enough time finding nothing on the net, I’m asking here.

I’m working with Maya2011 on a human female model, which I modeled, rigged and now I’m attempting to skin.
To work on the skin weights I’m using a lot the “Mirror Skin Weights” tool, working mainly on the left side.
Suddenly when applying the mirror weight this issue went out. The right wrist IK related joint started to getting unwanted influence on the mesh every time I’ve been applying the mirror weight.
This was quickly solved because it was visible on the Mirror Weight Tool’s Tool Settings panel so I could manually take away its influence.
Be known that I checked influences on the main chain to be sure about it and on the Left IK joints, but find no trace of slipping influences.

Now, the problem jumped on the FK Controller Joints. The result is the following,

The problem now it’s those joints are separated from the main chain so I can’t take the influence away the way I did before.

Did anybody meet this problem yet or has anybody any idea on how to solve this problem?

EDIT: 23/02/2013
I detected more details about this problem:
This weird weight assignment happens every time i try to mirror weights with IK or FK active: if I apply a Mirror Weight when the IK are active, and then set on the FK, the weight issue will be present on the FK control joints and vice versa.


Wait a minute… are you skinning to two DIFFERENT joint chains (each representing either Ik or Fk)?
How do you expect that to work?
If thats not the case, I assume it may be because you have some skinned joints on the same coordinates (like twist joints or so) maya can get confused by that since it doesnt take joint names into mirror account. So either tag them with the label attribute, or move corresponding joints slightly away from each other. Smallest values are just ok.

PS: Dont blur the important parts of your model man, leave us some joy :wink:


Thanks for the reply, anyway no, I’m not skinning iK and fK joint chains, I’m controlling them through a control chain which is linked to the main chain (which is meant to get all the weight of the mesh). As you can imagine, these 4 chains are all overlapped.

The problem, is the “Mirror Skin Weights” tool which is randomly applying influences from the main chain onto the ik and fk joints.
I tryed to lock their influences too, but it doesn’t seem to work.
Isn’t there another way to totally lock the influences of certain joints?

Meanwhile I’m gonna try with label attribute, thanks for the hint.

PS: Can this issue be related to the “Import Skin Weight Maps”? I’m often using that tool.


Ok, I think I solved the problem.
Just selecting the joint of interest, Shift+select the bound mesh and “Remove Influence” seems to completely take away from the list of influenced bones the unwanted Joints and their influence, even those which I couldn’t find inside it.

The point was when binding the skin to the Joints I was indirectly involving my ik, Fk and Ctrl joint chains too.
So probably the influences from the main chain were transferred to the other chains casually with the “Mirror Skin Weight”.

I’ve to say: “My bad”.

PS: Posted another answer before this, but can’t say where did it end up.
I thank you Adeptus for your feedback, I tried your hints, but didn’t find what I was hoping for. It almost sent me looking deeper for the solution in the right way.


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