skinning interface


does anyone know of a script for an interface that has streamlined their skinning process?

currently, i skin my smooth bound models from the component editor and i find myself toggeling the component editor’s “show all columns” to keep the window clean and then go hunt for a joint i need to add weight too.

i know there is the paint weight tool but i loathe painting weights and dealing with small values spread throughout the model. I love the component editor for its straight-forwardness.

what i am looking for and may write up myself is a window similar to the component editor but that could list the bones that are currently weighted for the selected cvs and the child and parent that is directly after or before it in the heiarchy. it would also be nice to be able to disable/enable normalize weights from this window.

sound like anything out there? I have looked all over highend3d and not found anything like this but it would speed my work up dramatically. if its not out there, i might write it as an assignment for mel class. let me know if you think it would be usefull.



I would be very interested in getting hold of such a script…

please do post it if you do write it.



R_K > nothing like that on the net exists but if you can built it I will love to take it for a test drive… :buttrock:


Oh man…

I would KILL for a script like that. Please ask me to kill.

Seriously though… If anyone scripts this I’de love to hear about it as well. Its out of my MEL realm of knowledge at this point though.



Well, I´ve been working on a tool that´s a bit similar to what you´re asking for, R_K. I also needed something that would speed up various skinning-related tasks, and initially a tool that would swap skin weight between 2 influences. Well, I wrote that script, then added some pretty handy additional features (like toggling weight normalization, toggling “Hold” on-off more quickly, removing selected points from the influence of given joints, etc…).

Anyway, if you´re interested take a look; I´d also be interested in incorporating some new features in there:

dwSkinningTools (RMB “Save Link Target As”).

Unfortunately right now it does not have component editor functionality; that could be something I could add in the future however.



Hey thanks David! i was just gonna look for your script today. someone showed it to me a few days ago. it looks awesome. i will play with it today and get back to you. Thank you for the note!



OK, I just finished some pretty rocking updates to this script. You can now set skin weight values in the UI- either in absolute or relative mode, according to your selected points and highlighted influence(s). There´s also a button that shows only the influences of selected points. Additionally with the RMB popup you can now see and select the highlighted influences´ parent or child (not sure how useful that is though).

You can download from the link I posted already…ah, hell, I´ll just post it again:

dwSkinningTools (RMB “Saved Target As…”)

Send me your feedback if you want. There might still be some small bugs in there, but it seems to be working pretty well.

Google E. Bear


ok, just started playing with it! :bounce:

really an awesome job! this is definetly on the road to what i am looking for!

i will get back to you with some thoughts.

you are awesome!




I just fixed a small bug - here´s the latest version. Let me know how it goes. Yeah, I´ve also needed a tool like this for a very long time… :slight_smile:




ok, some thoughts -

the script is really cool! the rmb is awesome but instead of selecting the joints in maya, for skinning, i would like it to keep the vertices selected but allow me to edit the influence of the parent or child on those vertices.

also, i found myself going to the component editor to check the value of the weights for the other joints influencing it. it would be awesome to have some sort of feedback within your UI on what the weight values are for the influences to the selected vertices.

the toggle weight button is great! and the set weight options are awesome! the slider for relative really works well.

the show selected point influences is also an awesome tool but if, instead of a button, it was part of the UI and here i mean if there was something like a seperate column for influences to selected vertices with their weighting that would be great.

these are comments designed around my own interests and work flow which i do not imagine you are writting this tool solely for. The tool as it stands is an awesome addition to my arsenal. Thank you so much for sharing!



ok, some simplified thoughts:

thats what i get for thinking and playing at the same time. everything comes out jumbled.

first, my first issue is a non-issue.

the crux of any issue i have is that it would be nice to have some feedback on what the weights are for the influences on the selected vertices. that is the only thing. besides that, it seems you have totally designed the thing for my work flow! it is simply amazing.

:bowdown: :love:




the crux of any issue i have is that it would be nice to have some feedback on what the weights are for the influences on the selected vertices.

Yeah, that´s what I was thinking as well. It could be done like this: split the influence list down the middle and on the right side have a component editor-like UI happening. Could be made so you can hide/show the component editor in the UI, so it´s not always in your face. I might be able to work on it next week some time… not sure when.

Thanks for the feedback-


Hey Guys
I saw you are talking about skinning. so I want youto see a script that i wrote special for the horrible task of skinning.
it’s not like component editor but it’s the best why to paint huge amount of joints.

Try it and tell me what you thing


Thanks asod! i will check this out today. looks cool! i dont usually like to paint weights but this looks helpful.



got to thank you again for this tool. i can use it like rigid binding’s edit membership tool now with those rmb additions.




OK, just finished some more nice updates: Added a component editor to the UI, which works exactly like Maya´s own component editor, but only shows smooth skin info; added + and - buttons for weighting 100% to selected influences, or removing points completely from selected influences (previously available in RMB, now much easier); now when influences are selected in UI list, they are highlighted in Maya viewport (wicked!). Component editor and influence list can be resized/hidden by draggin the pane divider.

So far R_K has been the only one nice enough to give me feedback… it´s working pretty well now, so if anyone else cares to post some feedback I´d be happy to listen.

The only slightly confusing thing is that there´s a weight slider in the component editor, and another at the bottom of the UI- I think both have their place… hope that´s not too confusing for anyone…

BTW, does anyone actually find those “Select Parent” “Select Child” RMB menus useful?

Download the latest here (RMB “Save as”): dwSkinningTools



Wow, sounds like a great tool. I’ll have to give it a shot. I was just doing some skinning the other day. I’ll download it and give it a shot. The select parent and child sounds helpful for skinning fingers. But I’m just guessing cause I haven’t tried it yet. :smiley:

Update: Just tried the skinning tool. Works great! Here’s some things I thought of when I was using it.

Component Editor portion would be cool if it had the “load components” button on it. That way you could load the verts and have them stay.

Is there any way to change which joint affects the vertex? For example if you have a vertex associated with joints A, B and D but you want to change it to joints A, B, C. With the component editor listing all the joints I would just change it manually, but I was just wondering since the component editor you’ve incorporated into your tool only displays the affected joints, how do you achieve this.

A cool feature to have would to be able to transfer multiple weights at a time.

That’s about all that I thought of. Another awesome tool to speed things up. I can almost have a whole shelf dedicated to your scripts. :wink:


Hey David,

I just gave your little script a try - It seems very cool already, but I can’t use the Component Editor column. No matter how many vertices I select it just won’t update at all. Anyone else experienced that problem?


Originally posted by Thomas Mahler
[B]Hey David,

I just gave your little script a try - It seems very cool already, but I can’t use the Component Editor column. No matter how many vertices I select it just won’t update at all. Anyone else experienced that problem? [/B]

Same thing here. Im using Maya 6


if i understand your situation correctly you can change weights or joints affecting verts from the UI before this upgrade.

just select joint you want to add influence to and on the bottom toggle weight normalization off, click the absolute button, type in a weight amount and hit enter. all done! then you can go in and normalize the weights manually.

its basically the same as the component editor except the input area is on the bottom.

hope that helps.

Thanks again, Dave!