Skinning deformation problem


Hi guys,

I’ve a smooth binded character; you see in figure, when I rotate his elbow the size of the arm become smaller than the bind pose.
I’ve tried to paint differents weights for the geometry influenced by the elbow but, the result is always the same … Exist a way avoid this behaviour?

Bye and thanks for any answer.


Take a look at the picture. Maybee that explains something, but I’m not sure really. (From the canetoad shoulder tut)

Don’t think there is a way to avoid the behavior, but probably ways of painting weights that minimises the problem. And then you fix it with something else. :slight_smile:

You can use a multitude of things to fix the skinning artifacts. Blendshapes, latties, extra joints, influence objects etc. I would go with a blendshape (driven by the elbow rotation with a set driven key) on this one. Go to and under tutorials select Maya joint deformation tutorial. You don’t have to be as detailed a him for a good result. One shape for the elbow is often enough for a simple character.


Not sure if this can help u… but check - Resources - Source code - feb04… There’s a script for Maya and Max to set up a simple fix-up on selected bone…


Ok guys, thanks a lot :thumbsup:


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