Skinning A character with armor or clothes


Hello, I need to know how to go about skinning a character that has clothing and armor, should i seperate the poly’s? or bind all together? If I seperate it do i parent the armor to the bones?


There are some more things you should tell us before asking question like this… Is he going to undress that armor. Is the armor cover the whole body. Is the armor going to bend when he move???


You can bind several meshes to one skeleton, time after time. I´d advise that method for a character who is supposed to have deforming and non-deforming geometry. You can smooth bind the armour and just flood the whole thing, so it will only deform to one joint (i.e. doesn´t deform).

Just make sure you have deleted all non-deformer history and added proper UV texture coordinates for the weighting later on.




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