Skinnig pants



I’m skinnig this model’s pants I’m following this tutorial

but I dont know what I’m doing wrong, I just can’t get it to look something like the tutorial, even if these pants are more lose so im not aiming at that much detail.

here is my skin on the model:

Got any tips that could help me?


That looks pretty good to me. It doesn’t look exactly like the tutorials example, but that’s because your material looks stiffer and doesn’t have as many folds and intricacies. It would help if you made some of the folds towards the knee actually head in the knee’s direction a little more. This should help emphasise the tension on the material from that point. Also, if you want it to feel a little more natural, compare the lack of curves in your material with the slighly more curvy folds from the tutorial. With that in mind also consider that folds aren’t always tension lines in the clothing but can also be area’s of sagging material building up. The leg textures are symmetrical which may be neccessary, I don’t know the technical problems there… but if possible it would be nice to see some variation between the folds on each leg. Does that help?


It does! thank you very much.


hi , there are 2 cloth tutorial in , go to tutorial/photoshop . they might be usefull.


ive tryed this tut what i couldnt figure out is how to get detail in the material without causing crappy shading, and advice?


just 2 samples of what usually happens with mine :S


smudge it a bit, they look fine by me, for adquiring the cloth details ( surpressions due to tissue) i suggest you paint some 1 pixel wide black color with very low opacity in the highlights, in a new layer, or settle down the highlights, cause clothing doesnt have much highlights infact:D


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