Skin weights transferral (flesh-to-clothing)



How can I copy exactly the weighting information between two vertices on the same mesh?

I have a character and clothing combined into one mesh. It is bound to a skeleton. The character’s body is weighted well but the clothing is not. Since the geometry of the clothing is almost identical to the underlying character geometry I’d like to transfer weights between vertices. In my head, this is what I want to do:

  1. Select character vertex
  2. Shift select a nearby clothing vertex
  3. Open the component editor
  4. Copy all the weights from (1) and paste it into (2)

I suppose this seems like a very simple spreadsheet technique, but I’m noticing that the component editor isn’t really a spreadsheet.

Any ideas?




If you want to do it vert by vert then have a look for some scripts on creativecash

However I’d suggest you try maya’s inbuilt Skin|Edit Smooth Skin|Copy Skin Weights menu. You can simply select two meshes and copy the weights from one to another using various methods. For clothing it works quite well using the “closest point on surface” association.



Thanks for the reply. I’ll look on that website.

However your other suggestion wont work because Maya’s COPY SKIN WEIGHTS applies to two different meshes, not verts on the same mesh.



Yes, I should have noticed that you said combined in one mesh.
But you could still do it with the copy skin weights tool if you do it as follows.

Import a copy of your skinned mesh and bones. Delete all the faces that have the bad weights.
Copy from the reduced mesh (which now just has good weights) to the original mesh.



Ah, yes…good idea. Thanks



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