Skin Modifier - Tiny, tiny envelopes...?


Is there some reason why an object with a Skin modifier on it might decide that generating Envelopes isn’t one of its preferred career choices?

I’ve got a mesh that I’m trying to deform using the Skin modifier, with splines as the bones. (I read about this in a tutorial on how to do realistic ocean surf, and it sure worked in that guy’s animation…I even have his file to play with, and it doesn’t look like I’ve done anything particularly different.)

Thing is, when I choose those splines as bones, their envelopes are minuscule, and affect the mesh almost not at all. I know I caa adjust that manually, but it still seems quite strange., and I’d like to figure out what’s going on so that I can prevent it in the future.

I got this idea from a tutorial I saw, and everything worked quite smoothly, so I have no idea why this is happening when I try it.


With this tool you can edit the envelopes very easily.



Though I’d really like to know why this is even happening in the first place; it makes no sense.


can’t confirm since I don’t have 2013…but logically, a line is infinitely thin…hence the envelopes are tiny…unlike a box/bone that has 3 non zero dimensions.


Nah…I’ve got the guy’s file and it’s totally working…I think it might be another problem with units; I hate that.

Is there any way to import a file that was made in, say, inches into a scene that’s in centimeters, and keep its morph targets from going wonky? Cuz every time I’ve done that, changing the morph level will make the object expand or contract, depending on which units set it’s coming from and going to.