Skin Modifier recompiles for 3ds Max 2009/2010/2011 (bugs fixed)


As posted some time ago i fixed some bugs in the Skin modifier in Max 2009-2011 using the SDK sample code. Mainly those two bugs ae fixed for Max 2009 (32/64bit), Max 2010/2011 ( 64 bit only )

* Max 2009 (32/64bit):
after working in Skin for a while, Max starts to crash when pressing the “Mirror Mode” button. This is some error that survives scene saves and Max restarts. So if the skin modifier got hit by this problem one time, the problem only can be repaired by exporting weight data and importing it on a fresh new skin modifier

* Max 2009/2010/2011 (x64bit only / D3D mode only, OGL works):
When activating “Mirror Mode” in Skin, the blue “dots/vertices” fail to display. Additionally display of selected vertices fails. There are other display glitches in mirror mode (please describe). And please tell specifically when you have this problem in Max2010 x64

Please download here and report problems/positive experiences with the package here in this thread

Here is an image of the mirrored vertices fix


Thanks for sharing!
Great job.

Which i knew c++ and how to do that stuff. That’s my goal this year to start jumping into that.


Man first Thorsten, now Spacefrog fixing bugs that AD can’t fix. Truly awesome for you guys and kinda sad for AD.

Nice work…


Wow! Just… WOW! I’m officially your fan now! I already though it was awesome from you to make the power preview and now this, and for Max versions AD already put into a coffin despite the big user base of 2009-2011 versions!! Big, gigantic, gargantuan thank you!! I’m gonna spread the word about your work as much as I can!


Can’t find time to test it right now, but just want to say THANK YOU!


its a sad thing that you need to do this yourself but thnx for doing it :slight_smile:


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