skin and wire deformer


I want to create an arm with a wire deformer to do some stretching and bending with a curve.

the geometry is skinned to joints because I wanted the normal bending of an elbow but want to be able to use the curve for “shaping” of the arm on top of the skin deformer.

But it doesn’t really work how I did it. is this possible?

Can anyone give me some tips/workflow?

Or how would you do this kind of arm setup?

so you can blend between “normal” arm setup and “bendy” arm setup

thanks alot!


well you say it didnt work well how you did it… and i only guess what the problem is.

do you want control of the bending or just have the arm bend liek a normal arm but perform something more unqiue. I cant quite get waht ya meam. But here is some food for thought for the more automated effect if thats what your after.

influence objects - one thing people dont really seem to note is this can be locators even… controlling groups or even indiviaual verts - rather than using geometry. you could go for some thing like this to pull the shape your after via set driven key.

another is use clusters within the hierarchy, set to relative so you can perfome desired deformations as you please ontop of the skin cluster - it may work better for you than wire deformer.

anyway just my 2c’s really probably would have the same difculty your having in setting this up… but thought id bouncing some brainswaves around. Let us know if this helps or you have found a way to do it… :slight_smile:


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