Skin:13 (chick)


a skin I made for the model made by bobo the seal


Wicked texturing man. Love her boots. Can we see a texture sheet?




Wow! Fantastic work, but shouldn’t the ass-crack be a lil darker? Kinda looks like it’s drawn on. But everything else is crazy good.


great metalwork Mr.Rockstar :slight_smile:

post flats !! :slight_smile:


great textures, but eum… how does that underwear work? :smiley:


I must agree with bar2sek on the ass crack.

Could be a sort of “guard” infront (almost like a ball-box)…?


Excelent work!!!
I suppose the body isn’t finished yet… ?


I love the metal, but the flesh looks unfinished.


the metal looks great, but the skin definitley needs work. and unless you’re going for a cyborg prostitute, the crack needs to be covered, and the arrow tattoo definitley needs to go.

in general i think she needs a bodysuit of some sorts. it makes absolutley no sense for a woman to be sporting such heavy mech-like armor and then to just have bare flesh everywhere else… it struck me as very strancge the second i saw it.


I love it :smiley:
Can you post some wire plz?


Nice work. I think you should at least give her a thong. It looks odd that she has cover at the front with nothing to keep it in place. I also thought that where the bicep meets the shoulder, it looks to me like her skin folds in to much.


SUPERB! Love the face and boots!

Some comments:
This is like the opposite of conventional armour, which usually cover the main body and less of the limbs. Your armour cover more limb than body :stuck_out_tongue: a different style of course, perhaps the geneva convention in her universe doesn’t allow a soldier to shoot torsos. Lol

Anyway I’m mesmerised by the details…and I would love to have her meet friends in UT2003 :stuck_out_tongue:


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