Skibaris Animation/modeling sketchbook


Hey guys!
I’m planning to make some improvements to some older animarions that I worked on recently, still keep tweeking the motion on this one. Animating is a bit of an OCD to get it right, but the grand plan is to add some clothing simulations, maybe photoscanning some old skateshoes. Need to figure out what to do with head and hands, we’ll see…



First successful attemp at photo scanning something from start to finish, retopo, unwrap and render in vray


hey, been working on trying to get some clothing simulation going. Marvelous doesn’t seem to be designed for quick action like this. Simulation keeps either exploding or clipping or latching or sticking on to something. Anway…




A few more screen grabs, almost got it down.


Playing with some extra fur type detail for the cloth of the hoodie. it probably will be barely visible in the final animation but I like the extra level of detail that it gives.


This looks really cool! I like the mood and atmosphere. Simulated clothing on a stick person look really good as well. I would probably add similar cloth textures to the top cloth/leather part of the shoes, so they look more similar to clothes and less plastic.


Finally done! Here’s how the end result turned out, check out my instagram to see more.

Time to move to the next animation