sketchup rendering help


i am a graphix hobbyist. I have been looking for a way to take a sketchup model and covert it to a NURBS file to do organic stuff, but i dont know of any programs that are easy to learn. i have tried, Maya, max, zbrush, blender, mudbox. they are all beyond me at this point. I am also looking for a program that does an easy “unwrap” so i can do some custom photoshop before the render. I currently use vray for my final renders. can anyone help?


NURBS are not for novice modelers - it’s a handful for even experienced modelers. There are LOTS of rules to learn before you start getting good results. True, no unwrapping required which is very seductive, but you’re better off learning polygon modeling which can do it all.

And unwrapping shouldn’t be too indimidating. If you can put together a cardboard box you have the basic principle understood.

a great polygon unwrapping tool is Francis O’Brien’s Roadkill.

The tool isn’t entirely drag and drop, you have to pick your texture seam lines.
It includes plugins for max and maya as well as a standalone application.

oh, you’ll find this useful … these guys are great at explaining stuff 3D related … :wink:

Here’s their explination of UV Unwrapping:


I think the best program to Render a Sketchup model image is Kerkythea.


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