Sketches: Latest flying vehicle thumbnails....


Here are some flying vehicle thumbnails I have been able to squeeze in over the last couple of weeks. The technique is difficult, straight black ink calligraphy pen on white paper. As a result the perspectives are a bit loose and the designs unrefined. The goal was to try and explore many different asthetic forms with the focus being the graphic shapes seen within each design, hence the use of the unforgiving medium. Eventually some of these might make it into “Concept Design 2”. I’ll probably pick a few to refine and then pop them into some of my environment studies. Also I plan to use a few of these guys for my “How to Draw Vehicles” book which is coming along slowly. Each sketch took about 5 to 10 minutes.

Anyway, back to work, hope you enjoy.


That looks like you had some fun out there.
All of them look quite asthetic. Its inspiring to see how they seem to flow right out of you.


Really nice designs Scott. I had to take a look at your site again after seeing these, it’s been awhile since I marvelled at your vehicle designs. Really great stuff that I enjoy seeing again.

I look forward to your book release … definately it’s one that I’ll buy.


holy christ! :buttrock:


Franz, Kirt, amoe,
Thanks Guys. glad you enjoyed them. I’ll try and post some in color when I get around to it.


I want all of them in color.:wink:


Thats alot of interesting looking flying cars/ [planes…stuff…:stuck_out_tongue: Nice designs…


btw… #39 is funny (first page, top left corner) … it looks like a huge butterfly is sitting on in :slight_smile:

my top 3 are

58, 11 and 47

color them NOW!!! :thumbsup:



Awesome, I have been a fan of your stuff for some time. Love the clay stuff. Would love to know if you have any plans on a book covering your clay work?



Scott, GREAT like always!!!
…more more more :drool:


very cool designs. you have a great imagination


Excellent designs, Scott! Most people have trouble coming up with ONE design. You sit there and come up with dozens upon dozens. . …


great designs man…thats really awesome! how big is each sketch…I think I want to try something similar for an exercise, maybe do it with character design thumbnails though…
great concepts…!


Please do color them, I’m eager to see what you come up with.


Thanks, I see the butterfly now.

Thanks, the clay work on our site is probably the work of Neville Page and I think he is planning to do a book next year with Design Studio Press.

Thanks, I’m working on it.

Thanks, I wish I thought so.

Thanks, it’s just a few simple design principles applied to an easy topic.

Thanks, the sketches range in size from 3" to 1" wide approx. I look forward to seeing your character thumbnails, go for it and have fun.


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