Sketchbook Z


(Or check out the old stuff at the beginning, its up to you)

Although i’ve been checking out CG talk for a while, i recently started getting more involved here. Besides doing various daily sketch forum topics, i’ve really been focusing on my digital sketches and paintings. So I figured it was time to put everything somewhere, and hopefully learn from people at the same time. I really like to try new techniques and workflows just to see what results can occur, if anyone has suggestions or ideas i’d love to hear them.

here are a few from this week-

This one was for a sketch group, the concept was FEROCIOUS dinosaur. PS 35 min

I did this for the DSF topic ‘Superman’, if you couldn’t tell :stuck_out_tongue: PS colors, about 2 hours total

I know the anatomy is off…one day it’ll just come natural, until then bleh

PS 50 min

I plan to updated this regularly, comments or suggestions always ok. Thanks for stopping by.



Here’s a piece i created last night. I was listening to Charlie Parker and got inspired to do something jazzy. I’m a big fan of all the older jazz musicians, anyway, it took less than 2 hours in Photoshop. More brush experimenting…


Here’s a WIP that i’ve been working with for the last couple weeks. I AM GOING TO FINISH, but i’ve been pretty busy at work so its halted my progress. I was considering doing a full background but i think that will just take too long.

A little background for it: My concept is “The Glutton”, based on the blob, it roams the ground eating any life form it comes in contact with. After it absorbs an animal/creature, it will often grow appendages from that meal. They are not exact body parts, but rather a mutated ‘gluttoness’ version meant to aid the monster in its search for new food. In this case, it has eaten crustaceans and birds (and a few unfinished parts) during its travels.


Here is the my entry for the DSF topic ‘Cloning Mishaps’. The sketch took me about 45 minutes, it was nice to draw on actual paper, rather than pixels.

My humble cow chicken!


I read this thread topic and inmediatly started to draw this like 25 or 30 minutes ago i didn’t had a concept on my mind so i just let the wacom guided me.
Hope you like it


that’s a cool sketch, what exaclty did you read on the thread title? Basically this is where i’m posting my sketches and whatnot. Anyway, thanks for sharing.

Here is another DSF piece, for the Red Mars: people topic.

A little background-
She is part of the Mars civilian militia and will fight when called upon. Using scrap metal and various mining tools, they have put together useful weapons. Here she holds a 2-part weapon, 1 part shovel, 1 part spring loaded mini-missle launcher. This launcher can send flares, dynomite, or small hand missles several hundred feet into the atmosphere. Another useful technology being used are the solar powered panels attached to her vest, and other power-required mechanisms. Although somewhat covered, I’m speculating that humans have adapted to the low-oxygen levels on Mars (hence no helmet).

took about 3 hours


yes sorry my mistake I realized that all the sketches where yours after I posted, is just they are all different styles and i am new on this. by the way cool sketches


Gyorkland- no problem, i don’t mind your posting here, afterall you are the only person that has responded to any of this so thanks i guess. You did have a cool sketch btw. My style does vary, especially bewteen the paper-drawings and all the digital stuff. I’ve been practicing different techniques and i haven’t really settled on any one style yet. One thing i’m trying to get over is my linear dependencies. For a long time, i was a line art person, not really focusing on the ‘insides’ of the drawings, or the color for that matter. So for now i’m trying to get a sense of weight in my stuff while trying new brushes and color combinations. There is so much to learn in 2D illustration, it can be quite overwhelming.


Here are a couple ‘zombie animals’ for a sketch group. I figured if the zombie plague attacked the cities, small animals and rodents would be among the first to change-

drawings took about 30 minutes each

I added some color, took about an hour

Heres another sketch i did not too long ago, its a Toe Tickler-

Hope you enjoy!


I’ve been slacking on the practice, did manage to put this together for the DSF, the topic is “the loner”. This is one of those kids that likes to hang out in his own world and create fictional stories. Plus who could resist a tire swing?

PS about 3 hours-


Mo mo mo…howdya like it howdya like it… Sorry for that

Lately i’ve been starting a new document and just letting go, anything that starts to come out i just run with it. Once i’ve started off in a certain direction, I try and stick with it, and define some kind of color scheme. Needless to say its helping me break out of my patterns.

One ended up being a facial study, about 1.5 hours-

And others became more abstract (half hour each)

For some reason I felt like I was only using 1/3 of the color spectrum lol, so its been fun getting re-acquainted with the other 2/3 of the wheel.


Here was my entry for the DSF topic “the bargain”, but it could easily apply for the “bait” topic as well

About 1 hr 20 min.


I did this for another sketch group with a topic of “beer drinking champion”, i figure not all beer champs are burley and nordic. Some of the best beer drinkers are the quick metabolism skinny guys!

Took about 6 hours total starting with a sketch and coloring in photoshop. I didn’t polish this off cause it was taking to long, did some final color tweaks and called it done.

and a close up



Update!! nothing crazy just some sketches from this week. I’ve been a super slacker lately, but starting to get back into the groove. Its kinda wierd how personal art comes and goes when you do art for a living.

And to completely change the subject matter-
This was for a sketch group, topic was murderous ravens, pretty much stuck to that-

Hoooray Beer!!


I dig your imagination, very creative! Looking forward to more!


exStatic1 thanks for the kind words, and stopping by. I thought your cow abduction was hilarious btw.

This was for the 35 min Red Hat topic-


Decided to do another ‘red hat’ piece, this time focusing more on the hat-

…And a quick creechur-


Nice textures on the creature!
I like more the last red hat piece, it looks like you put more effort in that one.
Keep it up! I would love to see more.


Memorial-Strife- thanks for the kind words and stopping by. You are exactly correct, i did not put as much time or effort into the first red hat piece, which is why i felt a new one was needed.

Anyway here are a few new sketches-

This for the topic “robot turtle” , just a quick sketch for now, but i do plan to color it soon!

Some bird character studies-


Hi Rabid1 i think you have talent, and it seems that you are a little lazy too. I think that you leave the draws before you put all what you have(talent, quality) in there. Try to put all you have at least in one of then for now, try to explore your limits…i think you are limiting yourself.
i.e they creatures you make could have a more detailed lighting and surfaces(fur,scales, wathever), and more contrast too, more time invested!.

By the way, some nice draws you have here:thumbsup: .