Sketchbook: Wilstrong


Hey everyone! I decided it’s high time that I start sharing my work more than I have. This is important because 1) It will help me to network with other awesome artists & developers, 2) I will be able to get much needed critiques from awesome artists such as yourselves, 3) It will help me to get over that hesitancy I feel to share my work, and 4) Hopefully it will help me to thicken my hide a little, and be able to accept criticism as it comes, and use that criticism to get better and build myself up rather than letting it break me down.

Anyway, there will be much more to come in the future, but for now, have an image of a sexy witch!


Looking good. I have a soft spot for cute witches.

Why is her hat so huge? The inner rim is much wider than the circumference of her head, and the hat should technically just fall down and cover her entire head.

Her face has some symmetry issues that are beyond typical natural depictions of less-than-perfectly symmetrical faces. look at her jaw hinges, her brows, and the general shapes of her eyes–they’re a bit too different.

Her ear is really high. She doesn’t seem to be tilting her head down that much, so we should be seeing her ear that high.

You should make it more obvious that she’s wearing see-through lace sleeves, because right now, it’s hard to see the actual thickness of her forearm behind the see-through lace, and it creates the illusion that her forearm is thicker than it really is.

The metal/brass parts on the chest can be more convincing. Study reference and note how the specular highlights look, as well as how there tends to be a gradation in both value and hue on the flat surfaces of metal.


Thank you for your thoughtful comments, Lunatique!

It’s amazing how one can get in the zone when working on a piece, to the point that mistakes can become unnoticeable until someone else points them out. One of my art professors described this as “wallowing in your own stink”.

I’ll keep your comments in mind as I think about finishing this piece :slight_smile:

Also: As a relatively new member to these forums, when I was creating my sketchbook thread, I accidentally double-posted–once here, and once below:

I didn’t even realize until today that this particular thread had even been created (it gave me an error when I tried creating it–hence the other thread at the link above).

If you, Lunatique, or any other artist who happens to stumble upon this thread, would like to offer any other comments on my work, I’d appreciate it! (I plan on posting all future updates to the sketchbook in the link above).

Again, thanks for your comments–they are deeply appreciated!


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