Sketchbook Thread - Post Your Best Pages! TRADITIONAL / DIGITAL (ANATOMY STUDIES)



This is the thread on which to post your BEST pages of your SKETCHBOOKS!

Please make images NO LARGER THAN 700 pixels wide x 800 pixels high.

Can’t wait to see your best work! :slight_smile:



well, i hope this is within the rules for the thread, but i only have one new “sketch” (just did it yesterday) that i haven’t already posted on the opposing curves thread, so here it is:

maybe once i finish a couple more, i’ll post them together.

hope to see other people’s work here!

*edit: picture wasn’t working


Nice piece…
Your shading gives live to all of those back muscles…
Did you use any kind of reference for that ?



Ok, I am really amazed! Didn’t you say TWO drawings ago that you had had no formal training?
Beautiful work! Thanks for posting! :slight_smile:




I know that I’m (like thetrianglekid) breaking the rule of posting 5 sketches
but there are only 3 from more recent pics that I’m relatively satisfied with.
All of them are based on park sculptures from Lazienki in Warsaw.




Crits and comments are welcome…



These sketches are lovely! And no worries, 5 is the MAXIMUM, not the minimum of number of sketches to post :).

Tell us, did you draw these from “life”, or from photos of the sculptures?

Thank you for posting these! :slight_smile:



I drawn them from “life”…
No photo-reference used…

The problem is that I have no possibility to draw from real models (or even sculptures)
to often…
I’ve never drawn from nude model…
Hope to subscribe for some drawing classes soon…

Rebeccak, are you sure that everything is ok with those sketches ?
Really nothing to improve ? I can’t believe :)…



Ah, there are always small ‘problems’ with anyone’s drawings, including those of the Old Masters :slight_smile: ~ but this particular thread is less about my giving critique, and more about individuals sharing their work and inviting comments and crits from the larger community here :wink:

I will gladly try to give personal critique if you post these on Lesson 002: Opposing Curves :slight_smile:

I am just trying to keep the threads as specific as possible so that things don’t become too confusing. Please bear with me in this first week or so as we iron out the kinks!

Thanks for your post! :slight_smile:


hey thanks jkozniewski, here’s the photo reference i used

i didn’t stick 100% to the picture because it was so small, so i just got the basic shape down and then drew the muscles with the help of this website

  • andrew loomis’ figure drawing book

as for your pieces, i like the hercules one the best. i think you captured a real strength there in the pose, but also the way he covers himself, a weakness too? really like it!

rebecca, haha thanks again. you don’t know how much that means coming from you. really, i’ve only taken one art class and that was the general requirement one in high school, freshmen year! i think my progression is pretty clear since 2 pictures ago. i feel like i’m getting better with each attempt. looking at others’ works has helped a lot, so i hope to see many more contribute to this thread (including yourself? :thumbsup: sometime down the line?)


thetrianglekid wrote,

i hope to see many more contribute to this thread (including yourself? :thumbsup: sometime down the line?)

I do, too!!! And I will definitely be contributing, just not as regularly as on the LESSON topic threads :wink: ~ but rest assured, I will be checking in on a daily ~ well, let’s face it, I have ADD and will probably be checking in on an HOURLY ~ basis :wink:

Thanks for the posts, guys, keep it up! :slight_smile:



trianglekid, I love the shading, great work!
jkozniewski, i like the first most, very nice! you could try to bring in more “dark <-> light”-areas in your drawing, they look a little bit flat

two pages from my lil sketchbook :slight_smile: both from imagination


wow laber, i really like your creatures. your use of lines is awesome. is that pen or pencil? i once tried to draw like that w/ only lines and i failed miserably. hahaha

the creatures remind me of something, especially the long faced one, but i can’t place it. do you do much fantasy stuff?



Coolness! I love the bottom two, and the bottom right creature especially ~ so much personality! Thanks for posting these! :slight_smile:

EDIT: I think the bottom right one somehow reminds me of Jim Henson creatures ~ something like the Dark Crystal…



wow, thank you both! hearing that from you is so motivating :slight_smile: thanks again!

trianglekid, its a black pen. I think its called ballpoint or something like that. Yes I love doing theese crazy and intuitive creatures and people! I lack of anatomy-knowledge, so my “real-people-drawings” are all real-life drawings :slight_smile: I´ll attach some more scribbles to this post.

rebecca, thanks for the compliment! I dont know Jim Henson, but probably I´ve seen his work - /me jumps into google



These are so cool! And DEFINITELY check out “The Dark Crystal”, an '80s classic fantasy movie ~ also check out Brian Froud, who did the original illustrations / concept art for the film.

So cool to see such diverse work, from all over the world!

Thanks for these! :slight_smile:



sorry this is a little OT, but laber, i don’t know if you do any 3D art, but if you’re interested, there is a piece of software that i’m learning to use called “zbrush” and it is PHENOMENAL for making humans, creatures, and anatomy. it’s absolutely incredible, and i think it would suit your style very very well. they have a demo available at it’s very small, very fast, and very intuitive. i bet you’ll be able to sculpt those creations in no time with it.

here are some artists who use zbrush and their interviews.

you can see the emphasis on creatures and anatomy.


i love this Thread~~~:bounce: my 3 sketch here,but all in digital.

openCanvas 3:

Photoshop 7:

SketchBook Pro V 2.0:


Wow !


Those sketches are great!
The 2nd one is the best I think…
How did you achieve such nice watercolor effect in PS 7 ?!?!

And the obvious question, did you draw them from photo-ref
or from real-life model ?


they’re making a sequel :smiley: And to my knowledge, he is back on board to do the concepts :slight_smile:

Havn’t got anything to post, but i’m liking everyones work :slight_smile:


thanks,i use photo ref for these sketch,i think i can get more model pic from the web for drawing as ref, this is an easy way.if face the real model,i’d like to use my pencil or chalk.watercolor in digital just have fun,i use the wet media brush,do some change.use layer blend mode and sharpen filter to apply the watercolor looking.