Sketchbook Thread of Zephyri


Well, I hadn’t started an anatomy thread, as I actually thought I wouldn’t have much to fill it with, then once I finished my OFDW 11 work, I collected all my stuff together and good grief… anatomy and figurative art in general seems to be all I do… O.o

So here’s my anatomical diary, as it were. Some background info: I studied art upto A level standard in the UK (upto the age of 18) and gained a grade D (A being the highest). After that, I left school and got a job as a minaturist, painting 1.5" x 1.5" paintings which were sold in america, which was a really good grounding, as I painting everything and anything. The job killed any enthusiasm I had for doing my own art.
After 3 years doing that, I moved onto a graphic design job which I’m still in now, and my desire for art really began about 6 years ago after leaving the miniaturist job. My art education, it seems, taught me very little of use, so most of what I know now is self-learnt through books and looking at tutorials, and others artwork. I started dabbling with digital a couple of years ago, and only started seriously when I decided to enter the master and servant contest here on CGTalk. My aspiratiosn are to one day make a living doing the sort of art I love, which is figurative and fantasy mostly, and I harbour a secret ambition to be an animator but suspect I lack the patience.

And now onto the art!

Some of my OFDW pieces to date:


And some of the many, many gesture drawings I do on a weekly basis, as a way of loosening myself up, and I also find a lot of inspiration in these.


some anatomical studies. I’m concntrating mostly on the skeletal structure at the minute, as I see anatomy is kind of like learning a language. You can either learn a few phrases you need off by heart, or you can spend much long and study the linguistic building blocks of the language like grammar, tenses, verb structure, and create any kind of senstence you like once you know the vocab. So I’m starting with bones and a bit of muscular stuff:

There is more, which I’ll post once I’ve scanned it!



Great to see this! Some really fantastic work! :applause: Will be definitely looking forward to seeing your updates. :cool:

Cheers, :slight_smile:



If this is a bit all over the place, I apologise, I’ve never been what you’d term ‘methodical’.

Some of the head and face studies, in varying styles. I love drawings faces, it’s what I started with, so i’ve had a good four years practising this sort of stuff.

Some ‘animator’ type head sketches of characters from a novel of mine:

(with some hand practice… i hate hands!!)

Some more realistic ones, in pencil, no references, just imagination:

and a study in using solid balcks and whites and a touch of grey in creating volume and mass, all photo references, aside from the spiky collar (my own personal touch)

And a very recent piece, still in progress, this is using no reference whatsoever, which why I am so happy with how it’s coming out, as it shows how much I’m learning:


And to finish for now, just some other examples of figurative art of mine:

photo reference used for the pose

a combination of about three photos used for the pose.

Above was done with a wooden mannakin for reference

Some photo reference used for the muscular structure on the demon.

And finally, a self portrait, with a rather hunky red beastie:

Yikes, hope that not too much! I’ll try to keep this as upto date as I can, and look forward to being able to interact with everyone.


Thanks Rebecca, definitely looking forward to being able to keep a anatomy diary, and finally having some time to contribute to others threads too. :smiley:


Very nice work Zepyhri, keep it up!


WOW, lots of great work here! :thumbsup: A very promising thread, indeed. :slight_smile: What are some of your major influences artistically? :slight_smile:

Cheers, :slight_smile:



Whee Sam, very happy to see you creating one of these threads :bounce: let the awesomeness commence!


Skurai: Thank you! I will!
Rebecca: Crikey, artistic influences… I’m influenced by anything and everything, and I love trying out new styles. I’d say Brom, Vallejo and Cleavenger influenced heavily the style and subject of my art, but I love old masters like Titian, Caravaggio, Delacroix, Rembrandt, Bougereau - I’m a sucker for any kind of mythical paintings. More recently, Alphonse Mucha, Yoshitaka Amano, Linda Bergkvist and the animated works of Yoshiaki Kawajiri (Vampire Hunter D Bloodlust and Ninja Scroll) have really made me sit back and think about style and light and colour.
Elsie: Thanks… me too! Shall be coming to lurk in your thread soon…


Wow Zepyhri your pics just keep getting better & better. Nice Kain sketches too :smiley:


Hi…SPIRIT WIND… :wavey:

FANTASTIC…really enjoy seeing it all together in one place…always loved that snow leapard.
Your linework and drafsmanship are GREAT…along with your painting technique and colors…
A real pleasure seeing that imagination of yours at work and play.
Can’t wait to see what springs from it next. :slight_smile:



wow u kow i only saw that ‘devil take her’ from u before and it was like a bit over avarage
stuff, but hey these are amazing works



Wow! Real Nice fantasy art and pencil sketches. Amazing.:buttrock:


Great to see your thread. I am a fan already. To let you know, I started my OFDW 14 just now. I bought a set of Prismacolor set of 24. Being a guy, of course I tend to stick to the female anatomy so I am doing to girl by the sea. Alot of natural skin color to start off with. I am at my seminar now at the hotel in OKC. So I won’t be destracted by work and family. I should get alot done on this. I will post daily, hopefully.



wow, Zephyri,

I am still stunned, trying to comprehend what I have seen on that first page.



Thanks for all the lovely comments!
3DRaven Thanks! I’ll hopefully keep getting better too…
Spirit Dreamer Aw, thanks Glenn, coming from a mind as colourful a syours, thats great to hear!
Squib Hey there… admittedly, my stuff has really been just above average, I’m working to make it exceptional, but tis a long process!! Good to see you here.
Pushav Thanks!
Aggie hey, can’t wait to see some progress on that OFDW… I’ll be glad to give any pointers I can think of! Thanks for dropping in!
Mr Mu, aw, blush thanks…

Here’s something I was working on last night:


SPIRIT WIND…I like how you capture your thought, and composition right from the start
IT’S all there in that first thumnail…nice…:thumbsup:
In case you have’nt seen them yet, there are some real good links in the
Favorite Figureative Artists section in this forum…sticky…top of page…main menu page
Boris Vallejo…page # 1…Caravggio…Vargas…page # 2…and QueenSoul put some
really great links on page # 3…if you go there, you might want to leave a link or two
yourself …Brum ect…start of a good library…:slight_smile:
Those wings you just did, made me think of Caravggio…and that link I just mentioned.


What type of paper do you use? May be that is why my rendering is so sucky!