Sketchbook Thread of Su


I’ve been thinking about starting a thread for weeks, I believe this will motivate me to do more sketches and with practice and critiques eventually I will get better. So here it goes…

Ink sketches (some brightness/contrast in PS)

and one digital copy from the torso workshop


Hiya su,

It’s great to see you finally starting a thread here. :slight_smile: Your ink studies are rather charming. It might be nice to see a little book of these / a collection. Please tell us a little about your art training and background. I hope to see more of your work soon.




Thank you Rebecca:)

I am studying visual arts and visual communication design, I doodle when I find the time and spirit, and sometimes I doodle because of lack of spirit. I really feel unfomfortable talking about myself:) (not that because I am a shady person :P)

…and here are today’s ink sketches. I also found some bright red ink today, planning to use it soon.

more to come soon (hopefully today)



Thanks for telling us about yourself. :slight_smile: I think you would quite like seeing some of the work from my former teacher Bob Kato’s weekly Workshop, The Drawing Club, which he runs in Los Angeles:

He has a blog there where he posts work from previous drawing sessions. A lot of artists do ink drawings a bit similar to yours. I think you’ll like checking them out.

Cheers, :slight_smile:



Hi su

good to have you here
funny but I was subscribed to your thread without having posted anything… and I can’t remember subscribing…
I thought oh well… might as well say hello :smiley:

have you been drawing since long?


Hey NR43, it’s good to be here. I have been drawing for two years when I have the time. I decided to create more time for drawing lately, so here I am.

It’s nice that you have unintentionally subscribed to my thread:) maybe it was meant to be :scream:


Rebecca that link you gave is amazing, thank you:) I spend at least two hours looking at that blog.

I was meaning to update earllier but I got distracted ( also got biten by a hamster:D ).

I got my Goya book today so I will be doing some copies from it soon.

Here is a quick (30-40 minutes) masters copy from the torso workshop.

Ribera - St. Jerome

edit: the gray I used for the background seems to be very close to the thread’s background. talk about luck…


Little creepy ink sketches :thumbsup: I like the top and the bottom heads. Both with a fantasy feel. Try working some more on the paintings. You have a start, so you just need to keep going. But if you intended to do just the quick paintings, forget what I’ve said :slight_smile: When drawing I like to do line studies of some figures in one evening and then do the hatching another evening. Just helps me concentrate on one specific thing. Defining bones muscles with lines and the with shading. Would do that in one day if I had the time…


Thank you Razz :slight_smile: I’m glad to have your critiques. Unfortunately I didn’t have much time the last two days, I’m hoping to have a few hours for drawing today. I am hoping to do more than quick paintings soon.


Yay, I lack time too. There’s never enough of it. Reminded me of an artist who posted a photo taken at night and wrote below it “time when I work”. The day just doesn’t have enough hours I guess :slight_smile:


Finally last night and today I had time to paint and draw.

here’s my first oil painting, was going for a plain portrait but then got inspired from the daily sketch title “monster”. (2,5-3 hours)

here’s a study from Michelangelo (I couldn’t scan it because it was 50x70 cm (20x27 inches), sorry about the wuality of the photo ) (around two hours I guess):

and here is two figures (10-15 minutes each)

edit: just before you guys point it out, the neck of the painting is off, I know:D oh and the hip of the sitting woman:)



[left]Su, there are elements to your painting that I really like so far - the touches of color in the hair are really quite nice and show a lot of promise. You should check out this painter:

one thing I would suggest though is to use a bit less white for the highlights, and try using yellow ochre or for highlights more frequently for highlights - since all values in a painting are relative to one another, having a slightly darker highlight color encourages you to make the darks a bit darker and the midtones as well - which overall enriches the painting by giving you more value range. :slight_smile:




Looking really nice. I love the crow on the first post, its so primitive :slight_smile:
But post more, I’d really like to see more.


I would love to update too but my hard drive just got screwed, I bought 2 new hard drives a few days ago and I’ll set them up now. I have a few pieces to post, hope to be back soon :slight_smile:


finally I found the time to update (I like to pretend to be a very busy person).

all critiques welcome and appreciated.


dumping some sketches, zombies:


here’s a quick color with hard mix mode on photoshop…I am all rusty I need to study a lot more :frowning:


here’s one I did today. (from a pencil sketch referenced from


there’s some really unusual work in this thread, I do like the looseness you work with, these last sketches being very evident of it, and the ink sketches at the start were lovely too. I’d say the zombies could maybe do with a little more anatomical realism to them, not necessarily in terms of more shading, but paying attention to the volume you’re suggesting with the lines you lay down, particularly where you trail off, and things like the angle of the shoulders. Little things like that will give even pictures that have been anatomically skewed like these a greater sense of believability. If you have a hunt around on these forums there is a thread just to do with opposing curves, which might help you out with both those and the michael angelo copies. Hopefully Rebecca might come to the rescue with the link, as I’m having trouble locating it!


Zephyri / thank you for your comments, I really appreciate it. I found the article you mentioned, thanks:)

here’s some stuff I did today. No ref. (sorry for the quality the paper is big but the scanner is not)