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Hey all, long time broswer here and thought I would start showing some of my work :slight_smile: Looking for as many crits as possible!

All three of these were from my last figure drawing class session. Longest pose was 30 minues (the last one with all the props).

Thanks :slight_smile:



Welcome aboard! Glad to see your new thread…not much time to post now as I’m headed to work, but just wanted to say hello, and hope we will be seeing much more of your work / progress here! :slight_smile:

Cheers, :slight_smile:




Hey everyone, long time no update, i’ve been collecting my portfolio for submission to cal arts for the fall of 2006. while this looks alot better in person than on pc (Everything is 18x24"), i thought i would share it with you. fairly large file dl from this point.







and thats all 30 peices at the moment. I’ll be adding some animal sketches the next day or two, but I am aiming to ship it out by Friday so no major changes. All crits welcome and desired :slight_smile: Thanks a ton




I don’t know exactly what Cal Arts looks for in terms of a portfolio ~ but you have some strong work here, in particular your first piece and the red conte figure drawing (on paper which looks blue). I also like the pastel study of the back. Have you talked at all to an admissions counselor? Also, do you know about Portfolio Day?

It’s where a bunch of schools come together, and you can go and get your pre-college Portfolio reviewed.

Check the schedule to see if they will be in your area (if you have not already attended one of these). It’s a good experience, I would definitely recommend doing it if you have not already.

I assume you will have to submit slides, or do they allow you submit cds these days?

I wish you the best of luck!! :thumbsup:

Cheers, :slight_smile:



I’ve been to the portfolio day, I got a pretty good response from Libby Hux (former admissions rep for character animation) and Dante Eaton(new admissions rep)

The portfolio im submitting is actually a physical portfolio, no slides… the actual work. I believe the reason is that they want to see how you work as an artist, be able to see all of your construction lines, which sometimes get lost in a slide.

Thanks for taking a look rebecca :slight_smile:


No problem! It’s great to hear you got a good response from the reps ~ that’s important. :slight_smile: I did the Portfolio Day thang myself back in the day, and it was an all~round good experience ~ you get a good sense of where you fall in the spectrum, and it can be eye~opening to see other peoples’ work.

Let us know how things turn out! :slight_smile:




hey, something I did for my figure drawing final. this is a bad photograph, but the image is on 4 peices of 18"x24" pastel paper. done in chalk, charcoal, conte:



Nice piece! It’s cool you used the image from the OFDWs for this piece! :thumbsup: I quite like the fractured quality the image has as a result of it being drawn on skewed pieces of paper. This looks to be a solid experimental piece. Are you sending out your portfolio tomorrow? Best of luck! :slight_smile:




I actually sent it out today, and then found out that I had messed up slightly on my portfolio. I had 32 peices (added 2 more that arent shown here, they are animal sketches), but i did not put my name on all my peices or date them. I included a cover letter with time spent on each peice, medium and title however, so I"m not sure what the Admissions rep is going to say. I emailed him as soon as i realized it… soo hopefully they arent going to cut e off at the knees for my oversight


Hey great job on the portfolio! I like the stylistic gesture drawings the best.:thumbsup: And whats goin on with CalArts?


I’ll find out in March if i got in. I may end up going to a state school to get my degree in Fine arts, as well as animation mentor. by doing that I can save myself US$100,000 (tuition/cost of living in LA), and 2 years because i’ve already received my associates degree and would transfer as a Junior to the state school. sooooo, kind of at a hard decision because the tuition is so steep.



I have a friend who is also waiting to find out if he got in…kind of nerve wracking, isn’t it? :slight_smile:

Wow, don’t underestimate the cost of going to an expensive school like CalArts. That kind of debt, assuming you will have to take out loans to go, cannot be taken lightly. I think that even if you get in, you should weigh your options as to whether it’s the best thing to go or not. I’m not attempting to discourage you from going ~ I went to an expensive art school myself and am happy for the education I received artistically ~ but $100,000 is no small chunk of change. Bear in mind that in the field of graphics / animation etc., you will constantly be needing to upgrade your skills. The most stable job frankly for an artist is as a graphic designer. The tools don’t change as frequently, and the industry is MUCH more stable. I think if I were to do it all over again, I would have taken many more graphic design classes ~ even if it’s not my passion.

Just my two cents. :wink:

Cheers, :slight_smile:



thanks rebecca. I’ve been doing freelance design work since i was 15 (18 now). I cant say i’m super good at it, but its enough that I get logo/website/print comissions enough to keep me occupied outside of school and work.

My ultimate goal is to be working in animation, which is why I am considering AnimationMentor. I figure that with 2 years, and without the burden of ~$100,000(i’m trying to figure in money i have currently, money i would make working while i was there, and possible financial aid. it could come out to more or less than 100k, but anything more than 50k is huge to me) in debt, i will have a little bit more freedom of movement and not so much stress. Its a tough decision.

and as far as nerve wracking, not really. I did all I could to get in, if they do not accept me, I’ve got other options :slight_smile: Choices are easier if i dont get in actually. I’m not concerned about making it in the long run, I believe i’ve got the ambition and motivation to get where I want to go, even w/o a big name school.