Sketchbook Thread of Splinter


I’ve been wanting to work on some TMNT characters since their movie came out in 2007. Here is a start on Rocksteady.


Portrait No. 5


Some more work on Rocksteady.


Portrait no. 6 WIP


Portrait no. 6 WIP update 02


Here is a little more work on Rocksteady.


Finally got a chance to post the final for portrait number six. I feel like I’m falling behind my own schedule, but I am starting to feel like I’m already noticing a difference. Time to move on to portrait 07 :slight_smile:


Portrait Number Seven kickin’ off the WIP now!


Portrait No. 7 Final

So I finished this one while getting a little frustrated with it. I really wanted to just call it finished. This was one of those moments that I just didn’t feel like I was going to get it right. Maybe I was just feeling a little down on myself, but I knew that this one was done and wasn’t going to get much better. Now I’ll move on and start another portrait. I’m actually getting excited to start a new one. For some reason it’s the very beginning of the drawing process that I like the most. Once I get past portrait 10 I’m gonna combine this 100 portrait goal with more academic studies of the head. Hopefully that will help me improve much more quickly. However I think I can forget about the August deadline now that I’m adding to the work load, Lol. I guess they’ll just get done when they get done :arteest:


I don’t know if i said that already or not, but try to flip the canvas horizontally from time to time while working… You’ll be able to see some mistakes immedietely


Thanks for the advice Marowak! You might have said it already o.O Something else that I notice while doing these is. Doing portraits is similar to taking a test for me. I study and cram for the big day. Before the test is given I am ready, I can even rapid fire the answers to any question. Then I sit down and I draw blanks, Lol! I do think that flipping horizontally will be a great idea. I’ll make it a priority with the next one up.

Thank you!!!


So I kind of lost motivation there for a little while. All thanks to Lost on Netflix and Diablo III, Lol. Starting to pull myself away a little so I can get back down to my personal work. Here is an update on Rocksteady.


Back to my portraits and here is No. 8. I’ve started flipping the canvas on this one. Ugh, I kind of wished I didn’t, Lol. Because I saw so many things wrong with it. You know that saying “Blissfully ignorant?” I get it. I saw the flaws better and my reaction was, “CRAP, I have a long ways to go on this one :banghead:”

Added goal:

  1. Get good enough that I don’t have to flip the canvas TOO often :thumbsup:


Portrait no. 8 update


Portrait no. 8 Finished

Can’t wait to start the next one :slight_smile:


Started working on another project. Lets see how far this gets :slight_smile:


Just put in some time on my ninth portrait. I’m having a lot of fun with this one. I’m trying to be less timid and throw down shadows and highlights without hesitation. I figure that this approach will be he best in the beginning. Once I get closer to the end I’m probably going to get a little more cautious trying to bring it all together.


Moving on to wardrobe. I have a really hard time trying to come up with costume ideas. I’m so used to drawing from life or reference photo that coming up with something out of thin air is soooooo hard! I have no idea how fashion designers do it Lol.


The two are getting fused together here.


Really didn’t like how this turned out. Eh, here it is.