Sketchbook Thread of Splinter


Great piece of work, and so are the rest!


Thank you CGmaciej :slight_smile:

Here I did a quick sculpt to study the torso and skull a little. Took around 30 mins.


I really enjoy my time just drawing. There is a sense of meditation that I get out of it. I like when I can just draw and not have to worry about how good it is. That’s why I like study lessons so much. There’s no pressure; I could just focus on the drawing and who cares if it’s amazing. So long as I learned something, and I enjoyed myself. Anyway if anyone catches a glance at this sketch I hope that you enjoy it as much as I did creating it :slight_smile:


I’ve decided to work on this in my free time. I wanna see how far I can take it.


some great stuff you got here… altough I’m still mostly impressed with the girl from the first page of this thread… :wink:
I also like anatomy studies from the begining, maybe beacuse i"m also “playing” with it now… :stuck_out_tongue:


Thank you Marowak for the comments. I feel like I’m always studying Bridgman’s anatomy book and several others. I put it away for so long that I’m always looking for a refresher, Lol! I’m hoping that one day I can consider myself as much of an expert as them… (wishful thinking)

Here are some of my current gestures, and a five minute study to top it off.

Lastly, here is an update on the girl that I’m working on.


Another ZBrush Skull Study WIP


I’m sitting here working with new software packages, it’s a little sad, because I’m neglecting my sketchbook, Lol!!!


This month I’m working on all types of different things that are keeping me from personal projects :sad: Oh well. Here is a little update.

Here is the link to the photo reference


This is a portrait that I just started today. I’m hoping to do a whole bunch of them in the following months.


So I haven’t done a lot of portraits in photoshop and that last one felt like a failed attempt. Back to the drawing board and time to start another one, Lol


Here is the start of portrait number two. I hope that this one goes better then the last one. This is about where I got with the last one and then I had some difficulty completing it. Hopefully that won’t be the same case with this one. I should be able to post some more progress on this later on today.


Portrait number 2 is progressing better then the first one. Here is the update.


I’m done with this portrait. Time to move on. I learned a lot about the feel of things with this one. So even though it should probably receive some more time, I still feel good about the experience.


Portrait number three. Just getting things started.


Portrait #3


Moving on to portrait number 4. Here is the work in progress.


Here is a little more work on portrait number 4. I don’t know if I’ll keep going with this one, I just might stop here and move on to the next one. We’ll see :slight_smile:


This is where portrait four is going to be finished. Time to start work on number five.


Here is a look at portrait number five so far. I’ll have an update up soon.