Sketchbook Thread of Spirit Dreamer


Awsome work!! Very inspiring. I didn’t have time to read through all the comments, so sorry if I am repeating what some one has already said. What program do you use? is it painter?

Thanks, stunning work!! :slight_smile:


Really nice to hear my work has inspired another painter…great feeling…:slight_smile:
I checked out those paintings you did recently,… BEAUTIFUL…
Your portrait of your friend, has a real nice feeling to it,but my favorite is Snow White…:thumbsup:
That one is a knockout, really glad I saw it…GREAT PAINTING…
Thanks for stopping by, made my day brighter…THANKS…:slight_smile:
Take Care…and yes, all my work was done useing PAINTER #8


Tutorial to Lil Fairy
First thing I would recommend is buying the book “Drawing the Human Head” by Burne Hogarth. Especially for anyone doing portraiture. An understanding of facial muscles and their reaction to time is a must for depicting correctly how and why an older person’s face looks the way it does. Another factor that is essential is where. If you don’t know where a muscle on a face originates, and where its destination lies under the skin, you will never end up with a convincing face, that is alive with emotions, that range from subtle almost imperceptable to extremely obvious. Understanding the nature of a muscle and how it relates to time, circumstance and function is essential for depicting the human form correctly. And for doing justice through your painting to the marvel of evolution that is the human form.

Method used to re-paint your face.
Step #1 Tinted picture using colored spotlights found in effects, top of screen.
Step #2 Corrected proportions using “liquid lens” brush. A better name would be “shaper brush” I think. Allows painted surface to be pushed, pulled, stretched and compressed. Just as if you were manipulating a piece of clay. Go to layers top of screen, press that and menu appears, At bottom of menu is dynamic plug-ins, press that and another menu comes up, liquid lens is on that one. Press liquid lens and you’re in business. Experiment with each liquid lens brush, they are all great. I used the top left one for re-shaping face.
Step #3 Go to windows, top of screen, press that, menu comes up. Press “show brush creator”, box appears with all your brushes and settings. In top left corner are two small boxes, one on left, press to get various types of brushes. One on right gives variations within that category. Press box on left, menu appears, scroll down, find tinting, select it and you have tinting brushes. Now press little box on right. Menu appears. I just used two of these for this painting. Basic round modified slightly to get texture, used to create age spots. Next and final brush used was “oily round 35”, found in tinting section also. Also menu below the two little boxes where you get brushes from select size from there. And box will come up right of menu. Control size of brush from there. Leave that whole box on screen as you paint. So you can adjust size as you paint. When you want it to disappear just touch your painting behind it and vice versa.
Well that is all there is to it.
Just Kidding LOL.
The best advice I can give is while painting, don’t think of it in terms of lines. That is drawing. Think in terms of frosting a cake. Only you are using paint and a brush or pallette knife.
Have fun! :slight_smile:


Just having some fun composing with light and shadow.
Using other peoples figures that I painted over in these forums.
Just for fun.


Just Doodling around.-- 12-22-05
Used Painter Thick and Thin Pen #5


Hey Glenn,

I like these very much - interesting to see as it is so different from what I have seen before of you.

Impressive also, how you experiment with completely different looks - or do all of your sketches/doodles look like this?



Hi…MR MU…:slight_smile:
I have tons of note books, filled with these kinds of doodles, all done useing ball point pen.
They are just little exercises that let my imagination run free. Some are preconceived ideas
put down in visual form, and some are unplanned happenings, that just happen as i’m doing
them. Some of them form into composistions, that become finished drawings, and even turn
into paintings sometimes. I also write my thoughts down in the form of poems, and then put
them into visual form. I think the post of doodles above, is the first time I tried this method
of drawing useing a pen in Painter, on the computer though. Kind of nice…never run out of
ink, or paper, and takes up less room. If you would like to see more of my doodles that
turned into finished drawings, go to the drawing section in my Web Site,there are a few
more of the ones I like there.

Thanks…MR MU
Take Care


One of my methods for forming a visual image from a thought.

First Step: The Thought
In this case
Religious fundamentalism and how it always made and makes the earth
a worse place, instead of a better place for everyone
As it travels through time

Second Step: Turn Thought into a Poem

The Poem:

Religious fundamentalist
Going through life backwards
Hooked on a Book,
Never mistaken,
Never Shaken
By the world he’s been breaking
It’s his own rules he’s been mishaping
Blaming, shaming or just inflaming
Condemned by condemning
It’s his own inflated ego that makes him so evil
Self righteous exploitation
Takes his nation
On a backwards journey
Into darkness

Third Step…Turn Poem into…Vision…



WIP 010


To …Icey…SaraD …and anyone else who cares to read this…:slight_smile:

Tricks and manipulation have been used since the first artist arived on the scene, and
have been used in every medium that has ever been created.
To exclude them from your bag of tools, or tricks, would be a big mistake in my opinion.
It would simply mean that you are afraid of, or have not taken the time to MASTER, and
become MASTER OF the tools that have become available at this moment in time.
We are as artist, in the business of creating beauty ect. thru illusion, by whatever means
that become avalible to us.
The general public, or main audience, do not care, or know if filters and manipulation
were used to creat what they see. All they care about, is wheather they like it or not.
THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS CHEATING…That is a restriction imposed upon artist, by
other artist, who have, and always have had the mentality, that is and has always been
…AFRAID OF CHANGE… :slight_smile:
If we never took advantage of what has become, and is avalible to us as artist, we would

This is just my opinion on the subject of FILTERS AND MANIPULATION, IN THIS NEW MEDIUM…:eek: …:slight_smile:

Take Care


Wip 010


Wip 010 again


You’ve got some amazing control over light in your studies Spirit Dreamer! I’m loving the progress! :bowdown:


Thanks…Erilaz // Martin…:slight_smile:
I’ve been studying Caravaggio’s painting technique and the way he used shadow and light.
I’m trying to see if his technique’s , and the effects they produce can be recreated using
the PAINTER program I have…
A lot of experimenting, but I think I am finally getting close, but still have a long…long…long
ways to go.
Thanks again, and i’m glad you are enjoying my experiments…:slight_smile:

Take Care


Nice Brushwork! And great composition as usual!I like ur sense of color!And strong figures!Its all there:thumbsup:!Grrreat stuff Glenn!
I received the book from Alibris,Ive posted studies from that in my Anatomy thread,Thanks for that,the book is cool!


Wip 010


Siju // Thomasphoenix…Thank You …VERY…VERY…MUCH…:slight_smile:
Still have a long ways to go, but am learning something new, from each one I do.
Will get to where I want to be, sooner or later, slowly but surely…I HOPE…
If not, it will be an exciting adventure along the way…none the less…:bounce:
Also am glad your enjoying your new book, I think I will order that one myself…
Really enjoying The Arcane Eye Of Hogarth…Some deep thoughts in there…NICE…:slight_smile:
Thanks again for turning me on to it…:thumbsup:
Take Care


Wip 010


Wip 010


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