Sketchbook Thread of Spirit Dreamer



AND A THANK YOU TO MR. MU ALSO!:slight_smile:

From a very grateful
Mr and Mrs Spirit Dreamer


Spirit Dreamers, :slight_smile:

No problem! Hehe, I think the two of you are the only ones to have participated in every single OFDW ~ you deserve it. :slight_smile:

It’s also cool to see all of your work together in one place. It’s easy to forget how much work you do over time, and this is a good way to remember! :thumbsup:

Cheers! :slight_smile:



Design commissioned for a shirt:

The Shirts


Finshed Version #002


My 15 minute speed painting done for QUEEN SOUL’S SKETCH-A-THON THREAD

Time to complete: 15 minutes, exactly!


Hi Spirit Dreamer! It’s great to see all of your work in the one place, esp. the first few pieces which i missed the first time around. Fantastic work!

Also, as a fellow fan of wildlife art, I love the stag image :thumbsup:


WIP for 008


DrawMonger…Thanks …You just put a big smile on my face, and made my day…BETTER…
That stag was a lot of fun to paint, a lot different from what I have been doing lately.
See you on #9 I hope, … Your #8 came out great by the way, you have a way with
Take Care


WIP for 008 :


Nice work and job.


Terrific Color pallette! Very atmospheric!
And excellent figure work!beautiful work Glenn:thumbsup:.


Great stuff, Spirit Dreamer! :slight_smile: Keep up the good work. :thumbsup:




Hey…Pushav…THANK YOU… Miss seeing you and your painting around, but I know
your busy right now, school and all. Looking forward to seeing that painterly style of
yours develope, when you get back, plus Rebecca can stand a few more grey hairs,
will make her look more distinguished, and authoritative I think… LOL… :eek:
See You Around and
Take Care

Siju // ThomasPhoenix…THANKS for stopping by, and looking at my paintings. Glad you
enjoyed them, and thanks for the great complements…excellent figure work…I take that as
a great honor, especially coming from an artist like you, who has such great figure drawing
ability and skill.:bounce:
Take Care

Hi…Rebecca…Thank YOU…Would’nt be possible without you :thumbsup: …Seriously
Take Care and :slight_smile:


WIP for 009


Wip 009


Wip 009



You’ve got a good pictural feeling, and a good eye to get the pose and the proportions.
However, If I may give you an advice, don’t spend too much time with PS or Painter effects, and try to push your painting further (more contrast, more defined shapes) using simple brushes & basic tools, just to train your eye and hand.
Go to the essential.

Keep it up !


Arctis… Thanks for takeing the time out to check out my thread…:slight_smile:
Your right about my useing too many special effects… Rebecca has been telling me the same
thing for months now, and I know she is also right… BUT on the other hand, I can’t learn
what they are capible of achieving, without trying them out, and what better place to try
them out on, than my own paintings. In the end, I will keep what I think works well, for my
style of painting, and disregard the rest…No experimentation= NO progress, which leads to
STAGNATION… BUT then again on the other hand… LOL…:eek:
By the way…Thats some really GREAT painting you’ve been doing lately, and congratulations
on your books,… publication… Can’t wait to see it…:thumbsup:
Take Care and
Thanks Again


I understand the dilemma.
But I think that the real challenge is to represent what you see / imagine with simple tools. If you succeed with basic brushes, it means you REALLY control what you produce.
The problem with special effects is that you hardly control the final, it happens like a surprise, and you never stop to discover new effects etc… At the end, in a way, it’s the computer doing most part of the work.

I personnaly just use 4 tools in PS : a basic airbrush, a simple pen, a brush a bit pastel-like, and an eraser. In traditionnal media, there’s no special fx, never, and painters have made such masterpieces !

Go to the essential, once again, so that your artistic abilities wont be limited to a software 's new functions.



Arctis…Thanks for the great, honest and valid opinion…I totally agree…:slight_smile:
…BUT…On the other hand.LOL… If that rationalization is taken to it’s logical conclusion,then
that would mean, that we should all go back to finger painting with mud, on stone walls…
ROF… LOL…Sorry,I just could not resist that one…:slight_smile:
There is a happy medium to everything, and I am sure to find mine, hopefully,
and sucessfully, just as you have found yours…well not just as, but some how and some way.
Time will tell.
Thanks again Arctis…and like I said earlier, I’m cutting back on the special effects, thanks
to Rebecca’s sound advice, and now yours also. I’ve learned a lot from both of you,and
look forward to any sugestions you have, now and in the future concerning my work…:slight_smile:
Take Care