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Uff another pic. I have dicided that I should speed up because it takes me to my time. So here is my new picture. It took me 1.5 hour so in terms of speed its success because it usually takes me much longer but its not much success in terms of quality … well but its just a study anyway.
Rebbeca suggested that I should loosen my drawings so I will try it. I may experiment with this picture little more … I would like to try some new mediums like charchoal or something like that … just for quick gesture drawings … oh we will see

If some of you look for nude pictures for your studies than I may recommend this site. You will find there a lot of nice nude pictures (womans only)
Just click on the name of gallery (on the left) and download what you want :slight_smile:

Ok and here is the picture
009 - 7. 10. 2005

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Nice work Slux. Keep them coming.:applause:



That’s a good link ~ you ought to post it in the Anatomy Reference thread.

Some of the sites are better than others ~ the more artistic ones are more to my taste. :wink:

It’s good to see your new drawing ~ I think what I would recommend most for you is to study individual components of the body, one at a time. This will help you to gain a better understanding of proportion, and of the underlying form and structure of things.

In this image, I think the arms are quite a bit short ~ and the lower body generally (legs mainly) would match a person twice the size as that suggested by the upper body.

I recommend tracing the image, just to see where the proportions are off. This can be quite useful.

The other thing I highly recommend doing is Master Copies. There is no better way to learn how to draw than to copy those who went before you. You would be surprised, I think, at how much you will learn. :slight_smile:

Cheers! :slight_smile:



Ok I was experimenting a bit today … I was trying to draw the same picture as yesterday but faster ane more loose. Well I have tried to draw exactly for 10 minutes each and results were prety bad … 10 minutes seems to be a long time but when I draw it seems like minute … the advantage is that I’am fully concentrated … when I draw pictures like I have drawn before I may get bored after some time but its not case with these fast and loose drawings. I just don’t know if this is the right kind of excersise or how long shoud I draw one pic.

I would like to hear some opinions if this is good exercise or not … or rather what kind of excersises would be good

Well right now I’am still trying to figure out what is for me the best way to learn and I still don’t know.
Yeah I know I should study anatomy thats what I do - sort of, I practise from Loomise book … here you can see some examples what I have drawn today

I draw a lot of these … over and over until I can get it right. I don’t post it here because its too simple and as I said I draw it over and over. When I will be finished with loomis I will start to practise from another book I have a lot of books.
(btw if you would wonder this example above was drawn with ink but I usually use only pencil).

to Rebbeca:
And yeah I will practise from old masters and probably from not that old masters too :smiley: hmm but right now I’am not sure what would be the best way because these painting are usually prety complicated. (btw I’am prepared to try new mediums or whatever will be necessary)

If you have some ideas, excersises or whatever let me know please … I’am tryting to figure out what to do.
What I know is that I want to finish whole Loomis book and than start with another. But I would like to do something else too because its not that much fun to copy these pictures whole day.
These fast scribbles seems as good idea too because I’am really worried about my speed. And don’t worry I won’t post every scribble :smiley:

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Your dedication and focus is quite inspiring! :applause: I think it’s great you’re willing to trying new things. :slight_smile:

I think it might be helpful to take a look at the following threads / posts. Most of these are taken from the Life Drawing thread:

Life Drawings - Post Your Life Drawings! From Class or Workshops

Pixel Colada’s Gesture Drawings:

Lipten’s gestural drawings:

Pixel Colada’s Drawing Materials:

My and Pixel Colada’s Drawing Materials:

I really think you ought to try to do 3 things:

  1. Take a look at Burne Hogarth’s Drawings / Books.

Mike has some copies of Burne Hogarth’s work in the Master Copy thread.

  1. Try drawing with Charcoal pencil. (The above links show materials)

  2. Attend a live Figure Drawing Workshop if there is one in your area. Try drawing Gesture Drawings (2~5 minute poses, which are timed).

One can learn drawing in any number of ways. Nothing you are doing is ‘wrong’. In fact, I think you’re doing a great job. These are just some suggestions. Feel free to ask me any questions! I think you also ought to ask Sheff some questions ~ as he does some beautiful figure drawings. :slight_smile:




Hey Rebbeca thanks for links it really helps … I have read through all links and I must say I have found there a lot of useful informations. I want to get better so I really listen to what others say … I even take notes hehe :slight_smile: Its interesting to hear about exercises what others do in schools.

I have started to draw some 2-5 minutes sketches and its fun … and its also prety hard lol :slight_smile: but I don’t give up. I will post some examples later.
Also I think that these charchoal pencils would be really great for this. Unfortunately I can’t get them now because they don’t sell them around … but I will buy them in another town later …
Tips about sharpening are great too … I have used only sharpener but knife is better.

Oh and btw today I bought my first paints (gouache well not really but something like that) … so I have tried to paint my first traditional picture … heh its really fun, my painting sucks because I hardly know what to do but anyway its fun …
Here it is … my first traditional painting :smiley:

Ok ok now you can laugh at me lol … I know its sucks but I was just trying to work with paint.

Btw if someone has some useful tips, advices, excercises than I would like to hear them :slight_smile: not just about painting but about drawing and whatever could help me …

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This is great to see! I am really happy that you are trying traditional painting…I think it will really affect and alter how and what you see. And, I love the looseness of this piece ~ I think it is actually quite good, as it shows your understanding of basic value relationships as expressed through a monochromatic painting. Good stuff! :thumbsup:

I will try to post more later…but I must say I think this is a great route to take. Are these acrylics, perhaps? At any rate, at some point you ought to try oils. If you have an allergy to oils or to turpentine (it’s VERY messy, and you will need almost a garage to work with oils properly) there are also water ~ mixable oils, which I haven’t tried but have heard are pretty good.

Glad the links were useful! :slight_smile: I’d really like to see more paintings like these!




That painting is really good, I can hardly believe it’s your first time with traditional painting :slight_smile: Looking forward to seeing more stuff from you! I wish I could play with traditional paints too… No space for it yet :sad:


Hi Rebbeca … hehe no these are not acrylics we call them tempera (dunno if you use that world because it was not in my dictionary. Old masters used this before oils. I like it because its like gouache you can dilute it with water and its prety easy to use not like oils lol :slight_smile: BUT I’am I definitely will try oils later. Actually tha was my first idea … to paint with oils but I have done some reading and found that its quite complicated and expensive. It wouldn’t be such a problem (at least for me) for serious paintings but I have tought that it wouldn’t be best for such a amater like me :slight_smile: so I think for practising is gouache/tempera really great … it doesn’t smell and you can dilute it with water.

Oh and btw Rebbeca you said that it would be really great to attend some drawing course to draw from life … I think it would really help me but I’am afraid that there isn’t anything like this around. So at least I have bought myself a frend hahaha (I have got him yesterday) :slight_smile: Say hello to mr. David

This photo is terrible because of my ancient camera (hmm thats another thing I would like to buy but new Wacom tablet is what I really need now lol) hmm but he looks really great the photo doesn’t make him any justice (btw its not plaster its sandstone and its prety hard and heavy too). So thats what I have for life drawing now yeah and I have also myself :).
Btw don’t worry Rebbeca you will see a lot of my crappy paintings because I really enjoy it actually more that drawing …

Hey Urgaffel
I’am glad you like it. btw these gouache/tempera paints are really great it doesn’t smell and you don’t need much space. I do it on my table and its not messy at all :). Oh and its very cheap … I don’t use student version these are profesional paints but anyway its really cheap … and one nice guy have shop where I can buy them 2 minutes from my house thats really great if I run out of paints it take me 5 minutes to get new hahaha :scream:.

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WOW! I’m quite impressed you’ve bought a bust!!! :scream: I think that’s actually REALLY cool, and I hope that Dave serves you well. :slight_smile:

Oh, cool, tempera paints then! I haven’t used these much, but I’m sure you’re right about them being good for practice. :slight_smile:

Btw don’t worry Rebbeca you will see a lot of my crappy paintings because I really enjoy it actually more that drawing …

ROFL…I can’t wait to see more of your ‘crappy’ paintings my friend! :slight_smile:

Cheers, :slight_smile:



Hi here I’am again with another painting
Ok so this is officially my first little more serious traditional painting. The previous one was just a little test :). But I still don’t have idea what the heck I’am doing lol … I don’t think that these paints do what I would like them to do :slight_smile: … I hope that its just lack of practise :scream:

Anyway here it is … crappy painting number 2 (oh and btw this one was with reference the previous one was straigh out of my head)

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Unfortunately, I’d be more qualified to give you advice on oil or acrylic painting than tempera, but I think any medium will require several trial paintings just to get used to the medium. I think painting faces is a good idea. I recommend trying to paint several SMALL (thumbnail size) faces, maybe 15 or so in a 2 week period, and just try to get the basic light and dark forms ~ not worrying about details AT ALL ~ you’d be amazed at how much little information you need to get something to ‘read’ ~ as long as you have the major light and dark shapes right, you will instantly recognize a face.

Cheers, :slight_smile:



oooookeeey now I think I know where is problem … I have just read in one book tha this kind of paints is not good for modelling … you know creating soft transitions and thats necessary for precise modeling and thats also what I was trying to do … the reason is probably that it dries too fast … so you can’t use it like oils.
The right approach is probably sort of sketchy painting … you know just a fast painting where you can see easily all strokes. Because you can’t really blend colors …
Hmmm never mind I think that sketchy paintings are what I need anyway … because I always spend to much time on details …

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When you can, I would try oils. You don’t have to buy a ton of colors…in fact, in the beginning stages, I would highly recommend using a very limited pallette of just a few colors.

You will need space for oil painting, that’s the big problem (and why I don’t do much oil painting anymore, unfortunately). The other thing you might try is acrylics. They’re tricky, but I can give you some tips.

But, ultimately it is less the medium than the practice that counts. An artist who uses oil paints in a highly sophisticated way is F. Scott Hess. I had his head painting class as an undergrad. His work is amazing, and highly detailed. He studied in Vienna, I think.
Here’s a link to his work.





You should definitely check out the Oil Painting process shots which PixelColada / Sheff just posted here on the Life Painting thread:

Cheers, :slight_smile:



Hi Rebbeca thanks for link … his work looks great thats for sure … ehmm not like mine.
What I’am trying to do now is to get same results in quality of his second picture where you can see all brush strokes but it still look good.
I can’t really do his step 3 because tis not possible with paints I use. They dries too fast so you can’t blend them.
And btw I have seen a lot of oil paint demos … some really good. I have also read quite a few books about oil paintings (btw thats what I do very often - a lof of reading, I should read less and practise more) so I sort of now what its all about. Because at first I wanted to paint with oils but is more difficult and more expensive.
Hmmm the price of paints don’t bother me to much its rather another things around it especially canvases. That guy who have shop near my house creates canvases professionally and he can do whatever I would ask him for and I actually think he is cheaper than lot of art shops but anyway its little too much just for this practise painting … I wouldn’t mind to use it for serious paintings but I can’t paint anything serious yet and btw I know I can paint on different kinds of boards and so on but anyway … its quite a lot of trouble with it like all these smelly thinners and you have to have some place for it.

Hmmm but here is my another painting … seems I’am slowly getting worse …this one is quite terrible

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Style~wise, I don’t think this piece is ‘terrible’ at all. In point of fact, I rather like this better than some of your more rendered pieces ~ this has a really nice texture and looseness to it which is exactly what I think you need. It has a bit of a Picasso~esque feeling to it, actually, hee hee! :slight_smile:

Keep going! I’m really liking these paintings of yours. :slight_smile:




HI there
Okeeeeey here is my another painting, I still can’t decide if like it or not … well but its probably better than usually because usually I just don’t like it and thats it lol :slight_smile:
Ok here it is …

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I think the key thing to remember is that the human hand is roughly the size of the human face. Hold your own hand up against your face (being careful not to smother yourself, for this is bad) :slight_smile: and notice the size equivalency.

I think in this piece the face is quite nice, but the hand tiny in relationship to the face and the rest of the body.




Heh, I’m just like you, Slux. Too much reading and not enough practice. :slight_smile:

In fact, I just got a book on basic art techniques yesterday and I ran into something you might be interested in: soft pastel. You can blend it and it doesn’t require canvas. Although there could be issues with dust.

There is a good overview of pastels on wikipedia here