Sketchbook Thread of Sirielle


Here is a quick illustration as to what I mean. It’s just a subtle curve that is less inward/more outward.:slight_smile:


Oh yes,now I see!I was looking totally at different thing XD Thank you! :smiley:


Let’s call them concept doodles or visual notes to remember what I wanted to draw. Doodled without any reference, so I expect proportions are off. I’ll be drawing all anew one day when I get back to these:


That’s in fact remake of that old ball-pen sketch,though I wasn’t looking at it:

I’m still looking for the right pose for them, need a reference for that.


Three hunters.

[left]Wild run under stars. I don't know how to "bite" this one, what angle, format. The guy in the foreground has to be kicked out for sure. 



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No time to draw boys better, good night! (5AM)


Hi, its a nice stuffs here,

in my oppinion drawing by using some real photo reference, will improve you a lot also :slight_smile:

dont worry if you dont want to finish it
just ignore some area that you are not interested make it propotional but less detail
have more detail for the area that you are interested

start paint in the far distance of zomming, its small, so its easier to get proportion
then start zooming in and add more detail


hi sirielle

have you heard of Ben Miller? He’s an excellent model who has a lot of excellent stock photo’s available for us to study anatomy.

You can find them at his deviantart account here.

I really like the muscle man you drew a few posts back… lovely drawing with a nice snece of humour…

keep it up!


Thank you both for your input :thumbsup:

xvampire, I agree - basically using references at all will improve. Photos tend to be distorted, so must be chosen carefully, but they are helpful. Yet I did last doodles without any reference. I plan to make this silly comic right now, so I’ll browse what resources I have, but I focus more on fun this time. I spent last year or more focusing on catching proportions and symmetry, fixing details almost without fun. Apart that painting is great fun itself, yet it was all more frustrating than enjoyable. So now I decided to paint more for fun. Thus I’ll take your advice:
“don’t worry if you don’t want to finish it just ignore some area that you are not interested make it proportional but less detail have more detail for the area that you are interested”

  • that’s it :smiley:

I plan to finish that boy in toga and will not hide his chest, I’ll try to fix it just in sake of learning, but I will not whine and worry over it for weeks as I used to. Also I plan to finish finally all the WIPs waiting on my HDD, some for 2 years, because there was a detail or anatomy problem I couldn’t solve. Now I’ll focus on what I like there and let it go away. I could have create more images if I didn’t focus on these mistakes which stopped me, I lost too much time because of it.

“start paint in the far distance of zooming, its small, so its easier to get proportion
then start zooming in and add more detail”

I painted the last doodles zoomed out and it’s helpful indeed. I want to make something more from that female, but for that I need to take a closer look at ancient sculptures of India and at odissi dancers.

NR43, I’ve got a lot of his photos saved even, but never paintedhim, yet. He provides great quality reference.
The muscle man was done from 3D skinless renders from web and it was real fun, especially taht I was sure I can’t draw that detailed without tablet :wink: Now I plan to attend CAFÉ Special Stage 01 - THE MALE ÉCORCHÉ, this is great idea, just why all happens in these 2 weeks? But I can’t lose that chance to work on anatomy with other maniacs :slight_smile:


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Tried to finish it a bit last night,go messed with background so I borrowed one from the other image of mine. Yet when I compare the WIP and finished variant now I am not sure if that was a good idea. At least I should try a background.

That’s in fact alternative take on the same situation - the guy walking with a sword in flames, in front of his army, just now he got further and his target is behind that door.


Finishing old WIP from December, just started:

I’ve forgotten - after a few repaints the previous image ended up this way and I’m not touching it anymore:


Hi Sirielle, this latest image of the figure in armour at the door is lovely almost dreamy. I really like the colors you have used.
You have some good form with your pen and ink studies. Also I like the one above that is called Dance. Nice shading with it. Keep going with your anatomy studes. :slight_smile: I need to do this as well. :wink:


Thank you Samanthie :slight_smile: I thought I’ll take a part in écorché workshops, but had to do a few things on different deadlines, and now I’m leaving for a couple of days, I don’t know if I manage to do anything after coming back. But simply looking at the progress folks make there is worthy. I hope to draw the skinless men on my own later using the models they did in the workshops as reference. When I come back - more anatomy studies :slight_smile:


Hi Karolina!
Beautiful work there…Your digital work is really appealing!

The last one has an air of mystery as to what lies on the other side of the door…
really impressive…

I love art work that speaks for itself…:slight_smile:

Looking forward to more posts from you…

Tke Cre


Thank you Ratul :slight_smile: I plan to steal a few ideas from your culture of Ancient India one day, when I finally manage to draw properly my dancers :smiley:


I should be driving South now, but delayed departure. The red haired elf ended up this way, I’ll work on him later:

and background test:


I should be driving now, or already reaching my destination right now, but it will have to wait another day. Two days delay. Arrrgh, me!

So, since I’m still at home let’s have some elements in action:

Painter IX. Done for Daily Sketch challenges at Epilogue. I wanted my elements to be ballet dances in a first thought so my Earth is not that heavy. I hope my elements are distinguishable, maybe all apart air/wind waiting for it’s turn in the background :wink:


Working on an old sketch which was drawing starting with perspective lines exercise, now I’m trying to turn it into a portrait:

Face is blurred on purpose- taht’s not exactly ‘that’ face. This is mother of my fav red head (who I paint sop often) and I want them to have more family resemblance. We’ll see.


awesome jobs! i dont have the knowledge to crit you. just im watching your thread with a great pleasure :slight_smile:


Thank you :slight_smile: The first face was no male,nor female,but when I sketched it it looked like her. I see her as strong women - also in look, but not that angular as on the first sketch. So I’m trying to find her right face - resembling her son, but also being her own. There are some anatomy issues on the sketch,I think I fixed most already.