Sketchbook Thread of Sirielle


Hey Sirielle, I like your fantasy work. Looking forward to more on this latest one. :slight_smile:


Hey! I should have posted it in WIP forums, but I’ll continue updating here. Maybe later, we’ll see. I’ve posted it in WIPs at other boards. Latest steps:

I’m trying to find a sword for him.I feel it’s too long, boys tell me it’s too short XD
I lost the cuirass shape a bit, need to find it back.

And he probably would like me to stop bothering him :wink:

[left]Someone told me he is too feminine, I can’t see it. He is not pretty on a purpose for this image, it’s rather armor concept than anything else. Maybe the way he grasps hilt right now makes it, I’ve messed shading a bit I guess.


Heya sirielle, :slight_smile:

Interesting to watch your progress - some good stuff going on. The main thing I might suggest is using reference of some kind - your work looks to be mostly from imagination only, and I think it could be enhanced by checking out reference for the anatomy and clothing. Color wise in your latest piece, everything all over the image is warm and in the same general area of the color wheel, which is making it harder for you to establish a sense of depth. Hope this helps. :slight_smile:


I was browsing for armor references and looked at too many and too long :wink: I don’t want realism here, but if something is off for then I should fix it.
I almost never use references, I haven’t learned to use them, yet. The most referenced piece I did is the Angel and Devils workshop image.

I lost my shading color somewhere, now none of the colors works. Maybe it should be purple and green or cyan. The armor should be golden but I can add more shadow to the background - I guess it’s night and balrog itself is a demon of a black fire and shadow, so his symbolical presence here can darken background a bit more.


It started as a pencil sketch which I’ve changed a lot in Painter, in fact it barely looks like the first sketch. I was looking at Loomis’ examples while working with pencil (and at a movie on TV), but I didn’t make any help lines (again). Painter’s pastels, chalk, charcoal, pencils and other brushes - I was trying to keep natural media look.
According to tips I got here and there I fixed him that much that he doesn’t look like him anymore O_o Now I wonder if leaving the first flawed version wouldn’t be better for him. My father suggested that he’s got such strange cheek just because he’s been in fight and got bruised :wink:

[left]And the first sketch in attachment, it looks funny in comparison to the set above :wink:


Look what a wonderful help I got on him from Mercuralis! :smiley:


That was a really nice thing of her to do.
very useful indeed!


Yes, especially that I keep repeating all these mistakes and now I have
them explained :slight_smile: But I had no time to take care of this guy, yet.


[left]A concept for a future drawing. Or a sketch, a wip, whatever future brings :wink:


Hi Sirielle, Interesting image of the guy in the red armour. The first looks as if his shoulder is too far forward which seems to be improved in the second version. A reference will help you get those proportions down better. It would be great to see some anatomy studies as well. Keep posting you work. :slight_smile:


Hi Samanthie, I’m still chicken to do anatomy studies :wink:

I’ve been told to darken shading on this arm to make it pop out less then it
should be visible as being further. I’m still not happy with the
armour. I will work on it more later, hopefully today. As soon as this
little painter goes out from my mind :wink:


Stormy weather finally forced me to take a pencil in my hand instead of tablet’s pen. HB Pencil (have no other O_o) and a black gel-pen and one more soft black ball pen. I’m pleased with result even if something is wrong with his arms.

That’s my first totally completely nude man :twisted: and the first muscles drawing. Reference (just rotate it 1 step to the right to get a highlight on upper leg; this is great set of pose references, I only wish to know what is written there).
I need to do more of these, that was fun :smiley:

Ah, but first I drew this. I shouldn’t show you this one for something went wrong with his legs XD Just stiff 8 heads practice from Loomis:

Uh no, there is no undo option, that is scary :eek:


the first one is great! the other guy is a bit too narrow around waist and hips.

nice painting style :slight_smile:


Hi Sirielle, I agree with Nelchee, that top sketch is great! I like the linework very much. The second sketch is good too but to me his legs below the knees seem a little short. Keep practicing and posting!:slight_smile:


Thank you both! I don’t know what I did with this funny guy’s legs, I used lines for 8 heads and measured all as Loomis did, yet I messed with feet. Loomis probably did ankles lower and had feet in a different perspective, I’ll have to draw it again later.


The same book and family, but to make life easier let’s call him a boy in toga. Anatomy, light and texture practice in a moment I should really be painting something else.

I usually work in a different way, but here I flipped the half face and shifted features to get the face I wanted.Then I painted alternative face variants to came back to the old one:

I managed to spoil his chest a bit, so I’ll post less scribbled image later when I fix it.
*Lights - I wanted to have sidelights silver and golden, these lights mingle and fill the air,there is no sun or any other light source. I could try to paint the trees which produce these lights, but that would kill me probably.
*I need to do something with background, colour is awful.
*And find out how to paint his hair to reflect the lights.


He has a nice face Sirielle.:slight_smile: His forehead may be a little narrow. The neck looks right but the muscles leading up to it near the shoulders are curved inwardly. Curves go outward as I have learned from Rebecca. This takes practice but it will make a great deal of difference to your work. Keep sketching!


Thank you :slight_smile: Could you underline me what you mean about the muscles?
I’ve got them also shifted wrong - I mean a part of torso is rotated, a part not (one collarbone higher than other). Haven’t get to drawing today, yet.


Hi sirielle!
Nice progress Sirielle! :thumbsup: gogo


Thank you, Viktor :slight_smile: