Sketchbook Thread of Sirielle


That stereoscope thing never worked with me :confused:

Not sure what you plan with that 3D monster? A closeup? It looks too plastic for that imho.
Perhaps put it in a scene?
I like the pose of that female you painted.


Hello :slight_smile:

I’m going to finish the ladies on Wips.

Is it not in a scene right now? Floating over ice?

I’m not going to close up it, the original size is at screen caps from Sculptris. It’s 3D sketch or rather a quickie, doodle if that can be said about 3D. I do not plan to close up it, but show it as stereo image, pity you don’t see it. Haver you tried help I linked? It says step by step how to see cross-eyed images. I just checked I can’t see those “magic eye” images where there is a hidden 3D shape in dots/shapes mess, though I used to see them in the past. Stereograms as the one I’m making are really easy to see, as they are simply two images stick together, each shows what each of our eyes would see if it was a real object/scene - right image for left eye, left image for right eye. Just sit in a distance, cross eyes and relax them till a third image appears.
This one is really easy to see, check it:


Or check this guide:


Heh don’t worry about the 3D stereoscope thingie… I’m too lazy I guess, besides I am more interested in normal 2D images that have a story to tell without me having to look at it in a forced way. Stereoscope is too much hassle for me. I just love images that give me that instant “wow” effect first, and then some more "wow"s as I look at them for a longer time.

Rubens and van Dyck, Frans Hals and Velazquez didn’t have stereoscope and all that… their work blows me away each time I see it, to name some examples. I guess I’m too oldfashioned :smiley:

With ‘a scene’, I meant a scene where something happens (a story with a bit more depth than just a creature floating over ice) :wink:


It’s just a quick practice, so no more story telling added, a finished version of the stereo is here:
(I need to adjust clouds on the lower image as I messed up depth a bit and they’re hoovering over the monster instead over the mountains). Adjusted also a bit colours, added some mist etc., but left all clearly visible - 3D render over 2D painting.

While I enjoy the old masters in 2D, I would love to see their works with depth in stereo and given they were inventors I expect they would try it if they had a chance. To me both viewing and making stereo images if fun :slight_smile:

Digital quckies.


One thing I’ve noticed in your pieces is that the faces you paint all look very similar. In shape, facial features,…I would suggest doing studies, perhaps from photos, or from life, if possible of many different faces. For example, do a page of fifty different faces.
Keep it up!


Yes and no :wink:

I definitely need to practice different faces and draw more. I’ve had a break again :confused: I’ve started 50 quick female faces after workshops at and did these while being at work, I see I didn’t post them:

No reference and I drew at the back of some photocopies. Plus digital quickies done at home:

T.b.c., not only with female faces.

Still there are those faces which I hunt and will still be hunting even when I finally draw satisfying portraits: the red head and his family who keep on coming back. And the whole Silmarillion cast which is quite alike in types of beauty I chose for them (almost whole of my latest update). But it doesn’t change the fact I need different face features practice.

Talking of the Silm - requested doodles from Tolk Folk con done at back of Maedhros in flames posters which I gave for rewards - Annatar and APOKALIPSA (crazy acronym):

Todays doodle which supposed to be a quick outfit test for one fictional character. I ended up fixing his face for too long, still the face is off and totally not the one I was looking for. I sketched it looking at Gackt, but soon lost all likeness. He should not have Gackt’s face, but little likeness would not hurt. Anyway outfit seems to be good, only a better pose wanted and he can start adventures in the Forgotten Realms :wink: To be painted one day.


Image I’m working on, though I’ve just missed a competition. Anyway here are ideas and wip stage (based on my previous take on this character ). I need to decide about a ship again - since now I have more time - and fix man’s anatomy. Maybe give him a more dynamic pose, we’ll see.

Stars to be refined, too.


Fighting with his pose again:


Update to drow priestess - the old WIP for comparison:

and latest:

It looks like older legs were better idea, I made her too short.

While repainting one image I should leave alone (ha!) I’ve made a side variant trying to steal nose and cheek bones of Jon Kortajarena, an exercise:

Next a failed attempt to draw lineart and paint it with watercolours, ended up with digital colours test.

Sure I’ll try it one day, but I messed up the drawing while “inking” (with a sort of ink ball pen), also - it is too small (smaller than A5), I should sketch more and then try remaking this one more seriously.
Turning him into dark haired didn’t help him either, one of my typical faces, elongated:

Finally something less typical for me - I’ve been given a test to do 3 different concept art themes in 4 hours. I managed to do one and a bit of the second (sketch). I did it at home (but not mine and not my PC), found ref for jungle only, no time to check what way a gun looks like O_o :wink: I’m not satisfied with the result and definitely not a speed painter, but I like the floating cities idea and now I know these themes are missing in my portfolio thus plan to re-make such in the future.

As for the third subject of the test I didn’t even start - no one really needs to talk me into painting medieval knights in action, especially now when I’m in the middle of A Clash of Kings by GRRM. As soon as my travels cease I’m coming back to drawing knights :wink:


Working on this portrait again:

An earlier step, head rotated for a moment to fix here and there, then rotated back. Still not Asian enough, as he supposed to look like:

After repainting he lost character ( :confused: ), but I almost got an Asian eye:

  • thanks to countless explanations from Miriel. Still something is missing:

    I’ve forund also good explanations in drawings here - Asian, African and Caucasian eyes:
    Gotta study those tomorrow, enough for tonight.


Working on the girl in red. Hands to be redone, anything else you see?


Hands and foot were too small, also in wrong place (sleeves below elbows):

Abandoned clothing idea, with a necklace pasted from a different older variant of her of her:


Changed a bit the landscape idea:


Still complicating the image to get anatomy right, though maybe I’m making up what is off :banghead: :wink: I noticed it after flipping image which I haven’t done for a longer while. The face is off, too.


Fixed the arm and face. Blues didn’t work for me, so I got back to the desert colours:


I’ve forgotten threads can be closed, so to keep mine open something I’ve been working on lately, t.b.c.:


Stage 2 steps, t.b.c.:

(827x600, open in a new window)


Still freezing poor travelers:

Full view (wider than forum size).

Cyan variation uncropped:

Final concept #1:

The other variant t.b.c.


Polish Tolkien forums anniversary images:

Larger image at dA

Newer stuff:

Horses are evil :cry: :wink:

Sleeping beauty:

Old ideas to paint one day: