Sketchbook Thread of Sirielle


Thank you both! Still I don’t know what to do with her, I don’t even like the colours ATM, which I really liked before.

Here are a few ideas from last night. I still don’t know how to bite it and what exactly do I want to bite, apart that there’s gonna be ice, cold and perhaps sad.

Edit. Hahha, I just noticed I haven’t posted him, quickies from Painter and my fav fictional smoker, (though I hate smokers!):

Edit. 2.

One more idea that “walks” behind me for years now (since Angesls & Demons workshop). He should be falling into darkness, loosing the light. He’s rather resigned here:

Couild be a nice anatomy exercise as well.

Only if wings didn’t cover the body, that is. Wings itself call for angel anatomy exercise, I still don’t know where the wings join. And if I gave him 3 pair then…? Need to sketch the bone structure one day, like on studies on it in I’ve seen the past on-line.


And one more idea in a few variants:


Forget the last post (edited now), I fixed the hands proportions I hope. Also partially fixed the belly:

I hope this heads measure works, done just to check proportions.


Pencil and faces again. And a bit of computer, but pencil definitely looks better alone.

Last night’s sketches with photo references, except the first from right:

Pencil & PC


“Oh noes!” because I was looking for a certain face yet haven’t found it.

T.b.c., I’m in pencil mood again :slight_smile:


Looks like you are doing pretty good with thinking about proportions. BTW, how many project do you have going? Looks like me in a way!


Way too many! XD And some still in my head only, including a comic which plot I never fully developed and now allmost forgot. But I may come back to it one day. Plus some abandoned WIPs I still mean to do one day anew.
I see you’ve got web comic. I was rather thinking on drawing a few scenes, and then maybe drawing more with time. or not, just leave those scenes.

Group image from last post updated with one more face from photo, a bit messed up.

OK, I’ve never done basic female proportions drawing from Loomis (nor anyone), so I tried it tonight. And, uh, crap. Only after scaning I noticed I made the measure lines wrong (I made them “on eye”), that much on my eye vs proportions :argh:

So here are embarrassing figures after Loomis:

And women from imagination:

I see I repeated a pose I remembered from a drawing I got years ago from my distant cousin. She drew a girl in similar pose, but with much better proportions and elbows. Anyway I’m happy with those two, for I see I can draw girls, just need more practice.

One more strange girl from imagination, this time digital:

Something different - not my colours nor theme. No worries, my guys will be back ASAP :wink:



Yea, my graphic novel has been in my head for a while now. Now that I am taking a break between my master’s and PhD, I want to get it started.:applause: I wanted to just draw it out as I went with the story line but Mr. Mu has been directing me to write the story out first as I see it in my head then sketch it out.:beer: Easier said than done. I want my story to evolve as I release each chapter on its own. I have an outline of the story but what happens in between is open for any ideas. I have been sketching out of Loomis for a while now.:arteest: It is very helpful with proportions and such. Keep at it! I am working on a sculpture right now using Loomis as a guide for proportions. I think this sculpture is helping a lot with understanding the anatomy better… even though I had anatomy in college for a whole semester.:rolleyes:


I have got an outline and a few scenes, they usually come with music and stay. But The rest is a complete black hole :wink: Great idea Mr Mu gave, thank you for sharing it! The same would go for my animation, I’ve made some tests first, but never wrote down the scenario.
From time to time I scribe some ideas to all the unfinished and never started projects, thoughts on them, but I never written down any real scenario. I just had ideas in my head and now I see they’re fading. I remember characters though. I should write down what I remember in points at least.

I visited your thread last night and saw the figure. Got to subscribe to comment in a more proper way. Maybe I should do it, too. It would not only help to understand, but also serve as reference later. I’m thinking of ball joints doll like figure? Don’t know how to do it, yet.

What kind of anatomy did you have? Medical or art related? I’ve had brain anatomy on Neuropsychology, but remember almost nothing. And it’s kind of an unseen anatomy while drawing people :wink:

OK, instead of making a meal and going to do some shopping I drew 2 quickies. In the first one my dear model Fidelius the cat managed to change his position a few times while Imwas trying to fix perspective, so it’s made up:

The second one has been inspired by Japanese traditional song. I’ve had this idea in my had for years, just sketched down now, no reference:

Now the meal.


My bachelor’s degree is in Biomedical Science. I was going to go to medical school, but my grades were just not good enough to get into the schools of my choice. Therefore, I fell back on my expertise which is cadastral surveying and mapping. This is what I got my master’s in and will be getting my doctorate in. So, in saying all this, my anatomy education was in comparative anatomy for premedical fields. Which inlcuded disection of a a couple of animals and comparing to human cadavers.


Sounds serious, Aggie. Good luck with doctorate!

Ah well, an update I thought I’ve posted but I see I didn’t. And some recent stuff, had a break again since I left for Easter. But tonight I took a part in The Female Figure streaming classes and really want to get back to drawing. Cool tips to use on my snake woman.

After Rubens, but not a copy, I wanted to reference only, ended up somewhere in between:

Highlights enchanted in PC for tests, I could not erase pencil anymore to do it properly:

Also I used too much HB, too less softer pencils and sketchbook paper instead of one to use eraser after scratching it with HB too much. A lesson.

Strange stuff done in Harmony

Wanted to draw some faces, then wanted to draw a crowd, then had another idea… and a good time:

Coming back to my fav Silmarillion characters, not happy with it:

Another test to sketch and see what comes out:


And more forgotten stuff, including some WIPs t.b.c.:

After van Dyck, oops

T.b.c. later.


Sirielle - I had medical anatomy in college. I was going to be a doctor but that did not pan out for me. I did all my own medical illustrations for my research papers. It was fun.

How was the streaming class? I wanted to do it but I did not have time or the money for it right now. Although I hear you can watch for up to a month.


Davey, sorry for so late answer. I thought I’ll post something sooner, but never did. Will update on sketches with time.

Regarding workshop - it was nice, but surprisingly I’ve learned how much I do already know :eek: It was interesting to see the painting process, but I haven’t learned much new from it. The main lesson - use various references, but construct your own figure based on them, do not copy directly. Something Johan told me long time ago, too :slight_smile: Other thing was explaining two different aproaches at painting - structural ve based on light and shadow (is “visual” a correct name of that school?). I need to practice more the light and shadow, I mainly construct. Also Zhanglu suggests a lot in this approach, he doesn’t paint all literally, these are suggestions which let the eye and mind construct the figure, imagine the figure. It’s more interesting than fully detailed, rendered, refined piece which leaves nothing to imagination. Something I need to work on, too. Jason provided interesting commentary while we watched videos with Zhanglu painting, later he analysed some paintings and photographs of women, that was very good, too. Resuming - interesting workshop, but a bit expensive given it was not totally new to me. (And given Polish salaries, huh).

I would gladly joined more of such, but I decided to invest into something really good and bought Donato Giancola and Dan Dos Santos downloads - they’re 50% price ATM. And these are great! Everything explained step by step, fantastic. So fear folks, I’m gonna paint on traditional canvas one day ;D

But for now here is a quickie I did after the workshop and mean to continue or redo for “yesterday” - I want to bring with myself prints of my artworks to convention next week, maybe there will be a chance to show it to publishers as the con is big.

My take on the non-structural approach. (I thought I already posted her!)

This is why I want to finish Hel in ink, too. She is almost done, but I decided to add more texture to the rotten part her of face, for peopel read it as shadow (and comment ti’s too dark).

Also a year ago I decided to change the knot on her throne and the top adding to Hel her renderings of her siblings: the snake Jurmungand and wolf Fenrir. It would be nice to finish this one, too.


WIP continuous, with details overdose. I bet a real throne would be much simpler, just a tall chair. I should think of something more simple, but can’t change it in the middle of process. We’ll see, I can always choose the old variant (saved, of course).

Her white - empty - part of face irritates me in a thumbnail. But I just reread - half was rotting, half pale, radiating with deadly (dead) shine.

Forum script shrinks images and they look blurry :confused: I thought it will not shrink 700px wide, but it does.
OK, it shrinks to 688px wide, so I just changed all images into 680 myself to avoid blurriness. Pity all the old stuff looks blurry, too.


Sirelle, nice to see someone drawing attractive men in their sketchbook thread! Makes a nice change from all of the women we normally see.

I think your digital penning of Hel looks wonderful. She’s one of my favourites and a great goddess to draw. I know the detailed throne will be a lot of work but I think it will look great when completed. The clothing and the folds already look fantastic.


Thank you for such a nice comment! I’m trying to bring more women into my sketchbook, but am not going to stop drawing men :slight_smile:
I’m still wondering if to simplify the throne or to make it all decorated. Hel will disappear in all those details around her.

A few images of forgotten updates - ArtRage quickies:

(Ossë and Uinen from Tolkien’s legendary)

Portraits inspired by Ayami Kojima’s style, I wanted especially to try her way of capturing eyes and pale skin. Also I wanted to depict the son, but he turned out to be his father. Again. Plus no one sees it but for me this is what manga done by me would look like - if I was painting in semi realistic manga style.

Maedhros (the son) wannabe.

Maedhros and a female variant (GIF animation).

Finally Maedhros appears to be his father Fëanor.

Previous quickie done referenced from Vincent Cassel, finally turned into Feanor, but the “manga” style one is more accurate for what I seek for his face.

Father and grandfather of the two:


One more unfinished portrait:

One of a current WIPs:

And a quickie done for fun:

Talking about women here are two sisters, one used to be Morgaine WIP, but I didn’t like her as Morgaine.

Finally Icewind Dale female drow priestess who I wanted to put into my IwD2 team, but I have already finished the game while she is not ready, yet. I’m still looking for a right pose and angle - a WIP and search for a more interesting pose:


Here is the first step:

and the present wip, still working on basic anatomy, esp. knees and feet position:

Plus a quick colour test, not sure if she’ll end up this way:

I’ve got a dry landscape in mind, alike views of Nevada.




Something I play with ATM - a simple monster done in Sculptris and placed on my old landscape '07 to turn it all into stereogram (to be watched with crossed eyes, help here):

(click image to zoom in)

And a two more tests, all of them done with a mouse while watching TV. Spherical shapes are easiest to do as a sphere is the first object on start up. It also keeps symmetry itself (unless symmetry is switched off), so such simple shapes are really easy to make. If all 3D programs work this way there is no wonder we’ve got so many rounded monsters with edgings/horns :wink: But I guess all programs aren’t the same.

(click image to full view)

And now stereogram WIP - to see it you squint eyes and slowly relax them/move away from the screen, a third image with depth should show up in the middle. Don’t start too close, a distance around 50-70cm looks the best. It gets into focus for a moment after a third image shows up and gets more depth. And rather try it in full view.
More stereogram viewing instructions here:

Does the monster fit with the background? I know it looks like two different elements, intend to keep background looking like a drawing and the monster as 3D element, hope they can play in one image together.