Sketchbook Thread of Sirielle


OK, and a family tree beginning. I was trying to find a base for my vision of Eldarin race from the Silmarillion - misnamed as elves :wink: - to resolve the good old “your faces all look the same!” thingie. I plan to do a schematic faces for every character I care about :wink: to see who inherits nose after grandpa, and who looks like a total alien in the family. Elves in concept are alike in my vision, but with time and experience I’ll give them more individualised faces. [And I don’t want them to look like the real fairy & fantasy elfs = no pointy ears.]

For now here is the first test done form a WIP of the “Default Noldo” base, with a grandson and grandfather in the end (one image repainted into different faces):

t.b.c., not from the same base though.


I really like the way the female dancer WIP is coming along, especially the dramatic lighting. I think with some refinement it could be a really amazing piece!


The dancer will be finished. The problem is she got too muscled, I’ve made a mistake of looking at skinless models mostly. Now I need to smooth her, also some anatomy is off I think. Girls are never on my top list :wink: but I should finish her soon.
At first I wanted lightning from the top only, but thought it’ll be maybe less mystery but more interesting. I’m glad you like it!

In a mean time a sketch which supposed to be someone else, but started as a different person and ended up as yet another one. I still don’t know what is the oldest brother face, but I’m really happy how the youngest turned out. (Though need to fiddle with cheek bones a bit, too pronounced.) Also the best curly hair I drew so far. The initial blond boy fits into my book of Arda as well:

Pencil framed, later computer with a mouse. I’ll be redoing it with a tablet. Here is reference I used, though lost in the way.

Talking about a book of Arda, I’ve made a Sketchbook of Arda so far, the real book will need more finished images. But here is a start: (It’s Art book script.)

Last night I wanted to continue with pencil with an idea for a crusader. Thus I turned on Kingdom of Heaven DVD for reference and mood. And well… I ended up watching it again XD But I leave this line here to remember I wanted to draw that crusader :wip:


I liked the dancer to. Cannot wait to see the finished product.


But girls are boooring :wink:

ATM wanted to test something remembering painting in CMYK from scratch should give better print results (image doesn’t change while being converted from CMYK into RGB, its CMYK with limited colour palette). So I saved in Painter originally RGB file as CMYK image and took screens of it in both Painter and Photoshop. Then saved the original in CMYK mode and opened in Painter…

I guess if I had a different colour scheme it would give more different results O_o
But it looks like Photoshop does better - closer to original - conversion into CMYK. So maybe better to paint in RGB, only avoid bright cyans and yellows, than do all in CMYK from the beginning.

But I like the way dark areas got lighter in CMYK mode, they were a bit too dark. Perhaps, on the other hand should be dark in such conditions.


Oh I beg to differ! I am not a good enough artist but I think the female body is harder to portray than the male. You do a good job with both.


thanks for posting in my WiP thread over at Epi. Glad to see you’re active here as well. Keep drawing and painting. Really like the way you paint fantasy characters. :slight_smile:


aggie93, hahaha, that’s not what I mean :wink: I do not really think female body is boring, not at all, that was just a joke way to say that I prefer painting men.

mindbendermind, thank you! Recently I’m less active everywhere, but keep my sketchbook here up to date (update at Epi from time to time).

Two skteches for Thill Silvine for Silmuen’s contest, but the first one is rather a succub or a faun:

I haven’t finished in time for the contest, but plan to paint the portrait anyway.


Oh I get it now, :smiley: , kinda like me liking to draw women… LOL


interesting to follow your thread,

and - thanks for sharing your little ArtRage intro-tutorial, looks interesting (I never tried out this sw, do you often use it? what is ArtRage like - can it be compared to Painter, for example?)

and one more question - its maybe just my English - pls what does “Epi” mean?


I don’t use ArtRage often, but I want to, it forces to draw all by hand as it was on a real paper, at least in the free version. It can be compared to very basic Painter with several brushes only, but everything is in hand reach and simple to set. Textures IMO work much better - for example if you choose canvas it’ll always peer through paint after using palette knife. Also I feel it’s oils behave more like real than those in Painter.
My problem is I don’t know how to paint with oils in real, so I do not know how to use them in ArtRage, but I’ll get there one day :wink: Just bought watercolours and gouache to try on paper for the start.
Anyway - I recommend ArtRage for quick doodling, sketching and more advanced paintings if you wish. Advantage to paper is colour choice and endless CTRL+Z :thumbsup:

Epi means forums :slight_smile: And here is a little image I did for Medium Monday-Sketch Challenge#1 over there - we were asked to do Autumn theme with drawing tools in a word processing program. Here is my Autumn kiddo, unintentionally looks a bit like my nephew :slight_smile:

That was hard! :eek: :wink: Especially not knowing the software. It’s frustrating having no ability to really draw or pain. I used freehand line, either, but still it appears with those buttons to move it sideways. I used optical mouse.


thanks :slight_smile:


Digital ink in Painter:

I draw women so rarely that I have problems with their faces. Was looking for one face here and haven’t find a satisfying one.

ArtRage oils exercises:

Not mixed media, but Epi forums Medium Monday-Sketch Challenge#1.


It’s been a while since I posted anything. I spent a month in India, came back in the mid December and I’m ill almost all time since then. In all this time I drew only one thing, which ended up more as a concept than as a polished drawing (Loki) and a few sketches. Haven’t finished any old WIPs, added more, including a one which supposed to be two musicians and evolved into a whole group.

Loki, I like the top frame, the most bottom frame is off, pencil and ink ball-pen:

I think I started this one for Halloween:

And this one yesterday, t.b.c.:

The more I doodle, the more characters appear, sic. I still think to change some of them.

Oh, yes - Happy New Year! Hopefully it’ll be better :smiley:


I just stepped on this nice portrait of Neytri from Avatar done in a way to see it in various old type 3D glasses or with in stereogram/cross-eyed version:

I don’t have glasses, but stereogram and cross-eyed version works. What a great idea! I was thinking some time ego what way such images are done? It looks like for glasses green and red variant of the image has to be put on a layer and move each to one side, but is it all? Or does it need more altering to achieve the effect for galsses?


It looks like the image has to be parted into different depth layers (focus/dstance) and then doubled and all layers have to be shifted sideways, depending on how distant/close elements on them should be.

Test. I altered my old image and it works, I hope you can see it:

Not perfect, would need more layers and painting I guess, or maybe work from scratch would be faster? And I messed up snow layer in the bottom left), hey but this is my first stereogram image :smiley:

Never really fixed that 2006 image and it will stay like that, because I altered it only on the stereo set. And the stereo is not perfect either, nor can be put into one 2D image easily :wink:


More sketches, speedies and a WIP, new and old, some done “on a knee”, like doodles I drew while staying in India XI/XII 2009 (no table, ripped tea box used as paper ;)).

Female face referenced loosely from a postcard with goddess Sarasfati.

A concept of Morgoth from the Silmarillion.

Galaxy mixed with a sketch to create Arda lit only by stars.

A Noldo “from the family”, but no name. Done with Rob Chang’s Painter brushes. I’ll call it done.


Pencil and the same face. Not again! But I was trying to draw a face similar to this one by Marta Aguado, heh.

Wannabe Viking :wink:

Next I wanted to draw the other guy in toga, but I’m not happy with it:

  • digital colour test (and Ambarussa coloured earlier). Maybe I’ll finish it digitally.

Latest digital exercise with different races and faces of Arda:

A Dwarf.

Stylized Noldorin woman, in other words immortal human (called Elves, but they’re not fairy tale/fantasy elves/elfs).

A Hobbit.

An orc. Morgoth created them from Elves (later mortal Men). This one still remembers his past life as an Elf by the banks of Cuiviénen under the stars.

Finally 2004-2009 progress summary, I’m definitely not happy with it:
Maybe if I finished all those WIPs there would be more progress visible, but ATM I feel I am still in the same place as in 2008.

I need to continue on drawing different faces and expressions. Finish some of the WIPs, abandon or remake from scratch the outdated ones. And do one day those SF ideas.


Trying to fix this one, but for some reason I hate this image ATM O_o None of my references has got such light, nor pose, that’s not helping either. Anyway I’m trying to soften her figure (and get rid of silicon in breasts):

She will have a bra, as in older tests, but the body has to be fixed other way no fancy bra will save the image.


Just looking at her, I think her chest (rib cage) is a bit off. In particular her right side. Try looking at her even below the skin to the bone level. Just what I see, WTH do I know anyway. I have problems with structure anyway. :wink:


I loveeeeeeeeee you progress because is very inspirant Sirelle
The light and all body is very nice ^^