Sketchbook Thread of Sirielle


hey this work looks better and better! nice development! :slight_smile:
i like how the person in the front is poping out a bit :applause:

and the fire is cool :slight_smile:

keep going :wink:


Thank you! I will not make the fire, tough, but will use some smoke to add atmosphere, it needs soemthing more to be Hellheim.

Hel is almost done, her face will stay as it is now, I need repaint her hands, finish jewellery, throne, fur and blend Badr more into the picture.

Only she should rather be skinny for a half-dead ruler of a realm filled with hunger.


I couldn’t finish myths so I moved another WIP. I used impasto brush in Painter to add texture to the wall and to paint the texture of paint on his palette:

[left]I feel the impasto parts are too different in texture than the rest of image.


Ugh, all looks ugly on the above update. I’ll save only fixed toe and head size. Brrr, no imasto for me!

Two images for Quick-Pix at pixelbrush, SF theme (mixed it with ancient civilisations as I missed that one):


Here is face of the painter:


Niiiice! You should draw more stuff like that! :slight_smile:


Thank you, I’ll do :slight_smile:

One more face caught:

Both were done quickly and accidentally in a moment when I should be doing something else… Maybe that’s a trick to do more often :wink:

A quick concept for a painting to my First snow:

I can’t find a reference for that pose, one of reasons I can’t work it out. I tried to change the pose, but it didn’t work:

And when I tried to change the pose more a handsome man turned into orc woman:

Maybe I should try it in a moment when I should do something else :stuck_out_tongue:


Well… perhaps it will seem odd to you but I like the last version best :stuck_out_tongue:
Sure he doesn’t look very pretty… but he sure looks masculin, yet there is a lot of emotion there thanks to the closed eyes, the pose and the viewpoint.

Perhaps the face could indeed use a tad more refinement, but I wouldn’t want to make him too pretty… Imho the so called “ugly” people tend to have a lot more charisma and express more character than the pretty boys we all see in the adds… I think if you could step away a bit more from trying to paint pretty people, your work would really level up, particularly the narrative part would be more convincing and believable.

Anyway, keep pushing yourself!
Doing great!


Hey I like the last image a lot, too! Thank you :slight_smile: But I’m not sure if it’s good enough to stand alone, it’s just a sketchy practice. But no, it’s not him, I left the initial idea aside and doodled. I should redo this idea later. For sure my work will improve with changing subject - more variety and lines to follow. But I want to portray my fav Silmarillion characters, too, so unfortunately he’s not gonna look like an orc :wink: Also I’m sure I’ll get bored with pretty boys soon, that’s just a matter of time. I’ll learn basic schematic face features and move further. As I’m trying to avoid clean and airbrushed lines, hard but slowly wroking.

Since I post I’ll add some pencil (supported by ballpen) I did on Sunday, though these are not the happiest pieces ever. Referenced from Anatomy for artists by Sarah Simblet:

I squished the back of head, ref. was wider.

[left]This was good till I turned the page upside down… For some reason I was thinking I should not turn it during the drawing process. A mistake! Referenced form the same book, only from a photo this time.


I see what you mean…

just stumbled upon this masterpiece in the cg 2D gallery… thought I’d post it here as it might give you some inspiration

take care


Yes, I’ve seen it. Great piece, one of images which weren’t created for the Silmarillion, but would be perfect to illustrate it. Lovely brush work as well, movement captured, very inspiring image :slight_smile:


The image in snow looks finally like this:

[left]I had to send it already, but if you see things to fix here I want to fix them anyway, especially on his face. Unintentionally I’ve changed head angle, but left arms the same - comparing with the concept (I painted the new version over it).


A double realistic portrait of one anime character. Two variants, none presents exactly the face I was looking for, but I find both of them interesting and love the colours, so here they are:

My first choice = final image for myself, he is younger here than in the movie.

Original b&w sketch, before shifting face features and colouring. Not alike the character though - according to my nitpicking vision.

An earlier WIP stage refined for my friend who liked it better than my final result.

B&w original I did for her, some way better than coloured one.

Oil pastel brushes in Painter IX. If you want comparison, here is reference.
Maybe I’ll add the first version to portfolio, for the colours :slight_smile:


Galaxy speedy - about 1,5 - 2h, including browsing for reference and songs about Andromeda plus coffee time:


I like the last colored version of the guy - it’s a little closer to the anime reference in that the features are less angular. Nice painting!


Thank you! I have changed my mind since then and feel he should have more pointy chin, too, but still I want to keep him a bit angular either. All the anime characters have got pointy chins there, such style. But still something is missing, so I need to paint that red haired hacker again one day. Also I want better cigarette smoke around him.


Wow, it’s beautiful :smiley: (Though it’s a bit too blurry imo)


What would you make less blurry? I know I would add less “foggy” elements in the far background if was making it now. Take a look at it at dA and check Dunadan’s info, BTW, now I know such view is impossible to see with a bare eye, it exists only on photos :frowning:


I mean the overall image seems blurry, the stars could be a bit more sharp (At least the main ones), and the ‘foggy thing’ :wink:

Urm, which info?


In Dunadan’s comments at dA under this image. Here is reference - the main stars are that blurry,too (and it looks a bit like someone retouched the reflexes on them? heh). Or take a look here (though I have just found it). But it’s not real. As I said some overal sharpness would be better = less details in some places,no “clouds” which I called foggy stuff, but most of elements seem to be correct.