Sketchbook Thread of Sirielle


Update 7 Jan 2016 :: Most of the images are gone from the first pages, so go directly to page number 6.

I decided to make a personal sketchbook and anatomy thread here, too. For the start I’ll gather all the WIP stages of the image from my first workshops at CGTalk - OFDW 21 Angels & Devils:

copy & paste

03-01-2007, 09:33 PM

Finally started! I’m enjoying that so much that I almost forgot of taking screens.

Here is where I am now - as I was advised I've changed grid size - now it works. Also I followed my friend's advice to copy colors, not shapes first; soon I'll move to focus more on shapes. For now copy of the original is blurred (as I saw in one of tutorials here) and I'm following the grid to state where each color should be:
That's my first copy ever, I've never known it's working this way. Whenever I tried to use grid in the past it was disaster, now I know :)
 I'm picking colors from the original, I guess I should try to make them myself, but that will be another step into initiation :)

Edit. I see that the demons are still out of proportion, I focused mostly on the angel.

Painter IX.

03-02-2007, 01:03 AM

I think I can move to details now, only have dilemma to sleep or not to sleep for drawing goes so good tonight.


Too long hand of the person in the bottom fixed, it was one block longer XD

03-03-2007, 03:23 AM

What was easy yesterday became harder today, that’s all what I’ve done, maybe tomorrow will be better.


03-12-2007, 04:07 AM

I’m afraid I will not finish, either, but I’m far behind you all. I couldn’t progress for a few days, got stuck on the angel… Finally I turned my attention to demons tonight and the block is gone. Pity it’s 4 AM already, I could continue more right now, don’t know what will happen tomorrow. Well, if not during the workshops I’ll finish on my own. Here is tonight’s progress:

 03-13-2007, 10:57 PM

I thought I will not finish, so at least tried to finish the angel and demons - but it was too late again. Tomorrow I’m traveling, but I’ll try to take tablet with me, maybe I’ll do something more - finish the master copy or this alternative take below.

The blue "clothes" and blobs ;) are going to be armor and fallen angels are going to look more like angels, than demons - larger wings, hair, armor. In fact they were angels, weren't they? So why demon wings and horns? OK, but if I had no opportunity to work on it, then here's what I did yesterday night:


[left]For some reason I didn't save red hair of the fallen angel with visible ear and white hair of the bald head one ;) The fallen angels have got golden-blue hued "armor-to-be". Maybe, maybe not. Too little time left.



03-16-2007, 01:48 AM

I hope Giordano doesn’t roll in his grave. Still got wonky armor-to-be. I have no idea what has happened to lower demons/angels wings in the original (the pair on the left) and have problem with them here. Do you see their wings on Giordano’s original? Can’t decide their armor either, heavy boots or sandals.


03-16-2007, 04:38 PM

Still trying to finish mine, I changed the composition to cut down amount of figures. Larger wings :slight_smile: The composition lacks something in the place where I put my signature, maybe I’ll add something there in the end if I manage.


Or maybe I’ll move the main angel to the left in the end to have more balance, putting his leg over fallen angel’s throat not chest. Will see.

I hope colors are not awful, I try to pick them from Giordano’s painting all the time, laptop wasn’t mend for painting, really. And all is more blue here than on my screen at home.

03-16-2007, 07:38 PM

Pieces moved more, now composition should be better.


Yesterday, 12:28 AM

Done. I saved the RIFF and TIFF files in Painter exactly at midnight Polish time. [Started in Painter IX, finished in X demo.] I planed to finish it more, but that’s all I managed to do. Here is the final whole piece and Mr archangel’s close up (resized a bit, too and levels corrected, but actually I have no idea what way colors look like on a screen with correct gamma settings :wink: ):



T.b.c. later, that’s for workshop’s end.



Great to see you putting up a Sketchbook! I’ve really enjoyed watching your WIPs progress. The painting has an organic feel so far which is really nice. It will certainly be cool to follow your progress here and to see how you improve.



Hi Sirielle!
That’s an interesting approach to doing a master copy…I never thought of first blurring the image to understand/get the basic shapes/colors down. Does it help you a lot more starting that way?
Good job on it so far too :slight_smile:


Rebeccak, thank you for the welcome, I’m glad you enjoyed the WIP process of this painting. I hope to finish it with time and to be more active on CGTalk :slight_smile:

Roja, hi! I saw a tutorial here on CGTalk which advised to blur or to squint eyes to see the basic shapes and valor/color better while painting from a reference photographs. The same time a friend advised me to copy colors not shapes, so I decided to combine both advices. It was more comfortable to blur the original image then keep my eyes squinted all the time, so I blurred it. Together with a grid set better (default grid in Painter was too detailed for this stage) it gave quite nice and easy way to work. When I get back to details things get complicated again, but I had the basic shapes ready. I usually focus on details too fats and forget of the whole image, so it was good to practice this way.


Nice to see you have a sketchbook now. I think you were doing rather well with the master copy; I look forward to seeing your progress to a finished piece. I hope to see more stuff as well.


Asatira, thank you. I’ll start working on the angels as soon as I get back home, I’m still on a wrong side of the Baltic Sea :wink:
I’m trying to sketch, but still got anatomy and shading issues. A portrait of an elf I try to paint for a long time, another test. Not him, yet.


That elf reminds me of a friend i used to have, nice to “see” him again lol :).



nice thread start!
Watch the centre line of the face when drawing/painting heads…

looking forward to see more


Hi Sirielle, nice to see your sketchbook started. Good work on the angel. I love the soft treatment of the wings. You have a nice beginning to your elf. I am practicing with the Loomis studies. There are some really great head studies that may be of use to you. :)Here…


NR43, thank you, I shifted his face features left and right already, now moved them more, still not there, but better I hope.

Samanthie, thank you, I’m glad you like the wings. I haven’t finally decided on them, yet.
I know Loomis, haven’t taken ref images with me though and forgot to check them again on-line, silly me XD But soon I’ll be home and hopefully have more time for art.

For now I just moved the chin and middle of the hair line more towards head’s back, I’ll work on him more later.


Some practice from December - finally got a scanner:


[left]And yesterday’s exercise with Loomis, a concept for the future drawing:




Hi Sirielle, great to see an update! :slight_smile: Nice ink studies, love the eyes and the portraits in ink, very good contrast. Hope to see more now that you have that scanner! Nice update on the elf. Watch the shape of the iris, it is looking a bit eliptical rather than round.


Hey sirielle,

Good to see you putting more work up, and the sketches have some really nice qualities to them. The major thing I would recommend is to do some drawing from life - what I’m noticing in some of the sketches is that they feel a little bit flat, but I think if you drew from life (other people, self portraits, etc.) this would be less the case. Do you have access to any life drawing sessions in your area? If so, I definitely recommend attending. :slight_smile:


[left]Samanthie, thank you :slight_smile: The eyes are done in a ball pen, not ink, I should have mention that. Ink would be harder, I guess.
I always tend to make elliptical eyes and/or iris, thank you for the warning. I hope I haven’t done it now, too. Hmmm, I think I’ve done it.

Rebeccak, I should start drawing from life, I always avoid it for I can’t stand such rough sketches as the “falconer” in my last post. Though I like that one. I leave in a big city so there has to be some course somewhere, being in a group would motivate me to make them.

Results of the sleepless night, no reference apart my older take on that character: [/left]

Experimental mixture of oils, oil pastels, blenders and other Painter brushes.


[left]A test from last night. [Painter]


Nice start Karolina,

I haven’t really touched painter, so I’d like to see youre progress with the program. It’s hard.:sad:

You have a very fantasy like quality to all your paintings, I dig it.:thumbsup: More!? Please?


ha-dou-ken, I’m glad you like it. I wanted to make a short comic but ended in one image.

Fantasy is the most frequent theme of my works, though better would be to describe it with a quote of one net group info Tolkien is my religion, The Silmarillion is my Bible, Eru is my God Of course it’s not my religion, but illustrating that book is one of my dreams. For now I still struggle with proportions and other evil beasts :wink:

Painter is very good tool, hard to say what is better of the two most used programs, some things can be done faster in Photoshop, others in Painter. But I’m sure I don’t use Painter properly with all the goods it has to offer, like various brushes which I guess could be used the same way as in traditional media, if I only knew what this way is. So I use various brushes but not the way they would be used on real canvas.

I see you’ve got a lot of good realistic drawings from sculpture of classical art references in your thread, very good job. I should try it, too, for painting fantasy creatures only will not teach me all I should know :slight_smile:


Comic test #2. Balrogs. Who likes them?

[left]Putting him in the middle would be more composition wise, the silly sword is “cut” Oh, well, that was fun, good night!


I just wated to fix his ear position :wink:

[left]Now I can’t believe I wanted to leave it in that first stage. T.b.c.