Sketchbook Thread of Shyamshriram


Helloo Everyone…finally i started my Anatomy Thread :smiley:

heres something im trying to do from last night, but ive to struggle till death for the likeness…:scream:

Will try to post the updates soon :slight_smile:


Yeah, shyam!!! :bounce:Finally! :scream: :thumbsup:

Can’t wait to see what you add to this thread…it’s sure to be terrific and inspiring stuff. :applause:

Cheers, :slight_smile:



:scream: Thanx for the encourgement Rebecca…ur the most kind :slight_smile:
will try my best to update this thread :bounce:

Thanx again :slight_smile:


WOW, SHYAM, amazing as usual
u keep improving everyday,
looking forward to c more of your works :thumbsup:


Looks really good :thumbsup:


Great eyes and lips:).u really do use the tablet well:thumbsup:


Awesome sketches Shyam !!
The lineart style is really great … wow :slight_smile:

Eagerly waiting for the next one :bounce:

suscribing , Cheers man


Thanx a lot to everyone for the kind words and encourgement :bounce:



Nice update, shyam! :thumbsup: What reference are you using, if any? :slight_smile:




Thanx Rebecca …but im still struggling for the likeness :sad:
this is the ref. im using


Izabella Scorupco? I saw it from the drawing!
Very nice - I like the monochromatic choice for this one:thumbsup:


Whaouw Shiam :thumbsup: really beautiful… just maybe the round shape under the eyes a little bit too strong… like that, she appear a little older (than the ref of course)… but anyway, I really appreaciate this piece full of beauty :buttrock:


Wow thats fantastic shyamshriram!!:applause: Cant wait to see more.


Thanx a lot everyone for the feedback :slight_smile:



Heya shyam, :slight_smile:

Some really beautiful work ~ whether or not it’s ‘finished’ is up to you ~ :slight_smile: it depends on what you are after, and what the piece is for. If it’s a personal piece, then you can more or less call it finished whenever you’d like ~ but if it’s a professional piece, you may want to render it a bit further, as the body seems a bit roughed in at the moment.

Solid work ~ it would be great to see you do more renderings! :slight_smile:

Cheers, :slight_smile:



Beautiful! Lovely work :slight_smile:

I’ve seen some of your other work in different posts and I really hope you’ll be posting more of your anatomy and art. You’re very talented and your drawing skills are top notch.


very lovely stuff shyam,dig the brushwork.and the facial proportion is spot on:thumbsup:


hey dude, how things going?
It’s great to see some familiar faces in this forum…
Looking foward to see more of your fantastic work.


Shyam…Great thread so far…good to see your WIP’S…:thumbsup:

Here expression in the photo, has a happy, pleased, almost seductive smile…expression…
Your last version has an almost serious…contemplatetive expression.
Maybe something to do with her lips…just thought I would mention it, sounded like
you were trying for total photo accuracy …but at the same time, it looks great the way
it is also…just depends on what your goal is…expression wise.
Look forward to seeing more of your work…:applause:

Tack Care


i love your work! i’m amazed at your control of line, they’re always flowing, light and clean. looking forward to more! :slight_smile: