Sketchbook Thread of SaraD


So, here we go. My own thread scary
Don´t have much to show yet, but I put what I have and fill it up over time:)



From the workclass here on CG:


Started to work with colors a “bit” more



Just wow Sara. Amazing work. You manage to bring such depth to your pieces.:arteest:


Alright, SaraD! :arteest:

This will be a great thread to follow! I can’t take a look at the work you’ve placed here atm, but I know your high standards of quality, and I’ve no doubt that everything looks beautiful all together. Will be adding this to the Links Sticky very soon. :slight_smile:

EDIT: Okay, your thread has now been linked here. :slight_smile:

Great to see this, can’t wait to see what you post here! :slight_smile:




Great…Now I won’t have to search all over the place to find your BEAUTIFUL paintings.:thumbsup:
Quality always trumps quantity, slowly but surely, and every time… :wise:
LOVE your paintings and style…:applause:

Take Care


Trying a new colorscheme.


wow! those are exceLLent paintings! very inspiring! hope to see more soon! :thumbsup:


Some updates. Both are from the anatomy class here on CG.



I hope you don’t mind my saying that I really like your most recent “updates” (both the finished and not yet finished). Obviously, and admittedly, I’m biased from the word “go” under the circumstances, but in any case, to me there’s an emotional quality and component in them that stands out to me and speaks to me and is a key part of what really makes art “art” and seem like so much more than a drawing exercise (if that makes any sense).

:applause: ,


Thanks a lot Ben - I don´t mind at all. Come on - what a great honour to have a pleased model:)
Here´s the latest (finished?) update. There are still things that needs correction and attention, but I think this one will have to rest for a while now.
Before those two I was really rejecting the thought to paint the male body. I found it so hard and difficult to capture. I still don´t master it, but I found a joy in painting it :slight_smile:


Well, Sara, if what you created does not represent “mastery”, when it does it will be an incredible sight to behold. I’m pleased that you found joy in it. Maybe that’s what I feel when I see these works. Obviously, I think these works are very, very well-done.


Some new paintings. The first one is an aged Ben.


And from the latest OFDW, that I had real problems with. I just couldn´t get started. But here´s a finished one even :slight_smile:


On to OFDW nr 11


Hi Sara, there’s lots of beautiful work going on here! You have a very nice and smooth painting technique. It’s lovely :slight_smile:

And a great start on the female photo for 011. Looking good!


Just to echo all your previous visitors… your work is marvellous, and even over a short time span, there’s a marked improvement. The females are my favourite, you seem to have a natural empathy with the form, not to say the males aren’t lovely, but there’s something esle in your females for me.

I’d love to know how long it takes you to complete these pictures, especially as you have so many!


The final piece for OFDW 11. This is my first attempt to bring the figure into an enviroment. It was fun, but difficult. And I know - it could be more dynamic, more vivid, more… everything. But from here I can only get better, right? :slight_smile:



Your figures are always BEAUTIFUL…just by themselves, but now they will be even
more BEAUTIFUL, because they have aquired and reflect a piece of YOU.
Your imagination, your SPIRIT, are visible now, and it is a pleasure seeing… BOTH…:applause: :thumbsup:
Take Care



Great to see you do this, and many kudos to you for trying something new! :bounce:Really beautiful work…I think you will really enjoy the Master Copy OFDW which we are going to do next, and I’m thrilled at your participation! :bounce:

Cheers, :slight_smile: