Sketchbook Thread of Rogelio Olguin


Hi, it has been a while since I have put something up here. I saw a lot of awesome pictures as of late. School is killing me lol… So when I get to my dorm I have no energy to do anything. I am going to keep posting stuff I have done at school in my drawing class. And I hope next year I can get a real anatomy course and keep posting here. ALso every week at school we have a live model come to the dorms so we can sketch her or him. Some of the drawings below are from that.

master drawing done bigger that took the longest around 6-8hrs

Statues from the Met in NYC about 10-20 min each

10-15 min drawings

all the ones below were like 5-10 min

I have more but those are at my class. When I get them ill update. Plus when I draw more stuff form the dorm live model.


Oh forgot the ones I did while here in these fourms.



What a nice surprise to see your Anatomy Thread! I think it’s great you’ll be posting your class work. It will be cool to watch your progress and see how much you are learning. :arteest:

I really dig your traditional pieces ~ they have a lot more feeling and depth, I think, than the earlier digital pieces. I particularly like your master copies, and the third sketchbook drawing, of the torso and the back. What I think you ought to try to focus on is getting a bit more symmetry in the figures, and more of a sense of the basic, simple volumes of the major features of the figure ~ such as an oval for the chest, and ball for the pelvis. You don’t have to literally draw these shapes, but you want to keep them in mind as you are circumscribing these with exterior lines.

Great to see your work, and look forward to following your progress here! :slight_smile:




Thanks :slight_smile: Yep I still need to get forms better in general and make them feel more connected. It all comes with practice. Kind of sucks that I will not be in trad art classes although I do like trad art though. Most of my trad art classes are just the basics since I am in the computer Arts major.

When I do digital stuff it is more packaged I guess you can say. I rarely put artistic thoughts into those pieces or abstract feelings. I kind of treat it as a separate part of my works. The commercial works that will get me the jobs I want is mostly digital and the deep feeling works are usually some kind of traditional medium. Here are two that are from my Trad part of me.

These are part of an ongoing series that I will most likly not finish since I can find no end to it… I keep getting ideas and doing them as I go. Most of these deal with depression or some kind of feeling or feelings I had in the moment I thought out the works. So it is a life long series I guess you can say.

The above sounds so sad lol. I do not mean long term depression etc. I am a very happy person most of the time. Infact It has been hard for me to make more of the series since it dealt with depression so I am trying to find a way to connect it to happnies little by little. Since atm I am very happy were I am at.



I really like your cool pieces ~ you’ve always had a really unique style. Have you seen the work of Arctis on this forum? I think you would really enjoy his work. I’ll have to post a link later on. :slight_smile:

Though these pieces may be about depression, they don’t look depressing, which is nice. Very thoughtful pieces, I enjoy the concept of these.

I think we all like to bounce back and forth between different genres and styles. It’s good for us, I think! :slight_smile:




Thanks Reb :slight_smile:

I did a search. Yeah his art is really cool. a Shame he only has a few peices but those few are really nice. I do remember seeing his work a while back but I did not remember the name.

I agree the colors used in my pieces do not say depression although I did aim for that as well. Making it seem colorful. But those are the things you miss the most when depressed. But even though it is a bright sunny perfect day
Somehow you can not be happy. It is really mostly in the symbolism of the mask and objects. Plus hope. Nobody should be depressed for long it is just so sad for people to go through it in a long term.



Yes, it seems everyone goes through depression at least once in his or her life ~ frankly, I think it’s why a lot of people connect to art ~ it’s expressive of an emotional aspect to life not otherwise seen in other aspects of one’s daily routine. :slight_smile:

I personally find that I paint / draw best when I’m a little bit blue, but if I am feeling crappy then I can’t work at all. :wink: I have a feeling this is the case for a lot of us artists. :slight_smile:

Hope to see some of your other work here, as well. :slight_smile:




Just a small update of some stuff.

1)study of hands… one of my father’s hand and mine. chalk,pastel and pencil 6hr
2)a ink 5-10 min figure drawing.
3)decay study of banana around 8hr on and off since I had to wait for it to decay so I am not sure since I did one drawing of the same object per day for this project.
4)study of feet… My own. 3hr ink wash

Photo taken pictures I tried to fix the brightness in PS but did it on my laptop so I am not sure if it is alright lol.



Some really nice work, particularly the bananas! The figure needs work, but I like the sense of movement in the hands ~ your work always has something of a lyrical quality which I really like a lot. You ought to check out the work of the Tiepolos ~ there were three of them ~ their work is fantastic, and I think you would love their drawings. I also think you would really like the drawings of Fra Filipino Lippi ~ his silverpoint drawings are fantastic. Definitely do a search for their work, it is really awe~inspiring. And I think you have a sympathetic leaning in terms of lyricism in your lines. :slight_smile:

Nice to see your update! Always good to see more work. :slight_smile:




Thanks. Yeah figure drawing is pretty crap compared to the other works. I like the flow of the lines. That is one thing I like about ink which is what ever you put down will be seen and everyone can see the errors lol.

Thanks Reb always cool to get your crits and comments on stuff. Ill make sure to look them up.

Forgot about this skull still not done. I drew it in 4 hr or so and still need to finish it. I was drawing while at the Natural life museum at NYC or what ever it is called.


Sweet! That’s a really beautiful piece ~ the most naturalistic of yours I’ve seen so far. I also quite like the blurred / smudged effect, maybe due to the scanner? At any rate, it works for me! :thumbsup:




Thanks :slight_smile:

Most of the time when doing drawings with pencil, I lay some basic tones smudge and bring all the details out with the eraser. I find it rewarding working from dark to light. Once I am done doing that I darken areas etc… till I get it semi right. I need to finish this for class this week i think. Oh yeah I got an anatomy book so perhaps ill sketch some muscle and bone thingies.


Oh yeah I got an anatomy book so perhaps ill sketch some muscle and bone thingies.

LOL! :slight_smile: Looking forward to seeing some muscle and bone ‘thingies’. :scream: Ah, so the smudging was on purpose ~ cool effect!! I personally like a good blur myself. :slight_smile: Though Goro may not like when I do that very much…:blush: :scream:

Cheers, :slight_smile:



If you haven’t already, you should totally join the Challenge!

Cheers, :slight_smile:



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