Sketchbook Thread of Roberto Ortiz


Ok guys, Ill use this thread to exercise.

This is my first one, so please be gentle… :slight_smile:

I hour


:bounce: YAY :bounce:

Great sketch already !! , I really like the muscle definition on this arms :thumbsup:

Can’t wait to see more !
And definitely suscribing :scream:


Oh…no!!! :wink:

 LOL, nice to see you here...what's your name again? Background details? I seem to remember your name from somewhere...oh, that's right! Don't you sell toothpaste on tv? :)
 Sooooo kidding, Mr. Ortiz. Welcome aboard. *crap!* ;)


Hi …ROBERTO…:slight_smile::thumbsup:

He already looks like he’s popping out of the picture plane…nice forshortening, composition
and start. can’t wait to see more…:applause:

Take Care


Playing with photoshop today…
Of course i used photo reference…


Thumbnail Sketches…



First suggestion: start from a dark ground and work up in terms of value. Remember those Anatomy Reviews? Actually look at them. :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue:

This one describes the 3 value shading method I prefer:


I suggest filling the background with black, creating three swatches ~ one white, one mid~gray, and one black. When in brush mode, alt+click your canvas and your brush will temporarily become an eyedropper, with which you can sample any color or value on which you click.

I would reduce the opacity and softness of your brushes. Use the Shift + [] keys to alternately soften / harden the brush. Shift + [ makes the brush softer, Shift + ] does the reverse.

Use the [] keys to change the scale of the brush. [ makes the brush smaller, and ] makes the brush larger.




Thanks master Yoda!

Ill try it tonight on my next project…

Any advice on the anatomy exercise?



Ok I drew this old school with pencils today…

2 hours



Far be it for me to go against the word of god or anything (:D), but I rather prefer working from midtone outwards.

/me hides


And the skies parted…
The cold wind blew…
and Teck sudenly realized he had angered the Gods…


The ‘gods’ simply forgot that this wasn’t the Sketchathon…:smiley:


Cheers, :wink:

~She who accepts cash only :smiley:


Teck RUN!!
that is NOT the sound of Thunder!



Hi Roberto,

your first one, hm? I cannot believe that. :wink:
But the face! His view! He has the certain rrrr in its eyes. :slight_smile: :smiley:
Really now, good sketches.



Working on atower of babel project for the collab challenge.
I am building one of the figures that will be i the clouds:

Here is the thread:
CollabBATTLE “Exploration” - Ramón López & Roberto Ortiz

And what I have done so far for this figure:

And the model so far…

The proportions are WAYYYY off, and I have to detail the feet, chest and hands.


Hey Roberto,

Can you provide a front and side render of that model?

What’s up with the female anatomy? :wink:




Those are man sized hips. BIG HIPS for REAL men.

Ill post the ortho images, when I get home soon.



As promised here are the the ortho images…



Ill post some updates tonight. but feel free to comment on the current one



The anatomy’s a little funky on the model, but I assume there’s still work to be done. Nice stylised head/face, though. Post up some wires, too. :slight_smile: