Sketchbook Thread of Richie Blitz



Well I decided to start an anatomy thread so that I could improve my drawing skills and have a great portfolio for acceptance into college. I’m currently a junior and please feel free to critique my work!:slight_smile: Im also gona try to improve my skills with a tablet so look out for that, I might even add a few 3d things here!:scream:
Ok here I go!







I recently found an old sketchbook from my pre teen days sooo…just for kicks…

Hows my anatomy?:smiley:



Great to see your new Anatomy Thread, and will definitely take a closer look at your images at home…looking forward to seeing your progress! :slight_smile:

Cheers, :slight_smile:



Okay, now I’ve gotten a chance to really look at your images.

Firstly, on the first set, great work so far! I quite like the first piece in particular ~ the line and tone sensitivity is something you should strive for in all of your pieces. :slight_smile:

The problem you are having is in creating heads that are far too small for the figures. I would work on a few master copies, as then you will have some definite Reference against which to compare your work.

I really recommend this book:

“Anatomy Lessons From The Great Masters”, by Robert Beverly Hale and Terence Coyle - Watson Guptill, publisher

There are tons of great Master Drawings in that book ~ check out Erich / El Chief’s Anatomy Thread, he is doing some terrific copies from it. :slight_smile:

Looking forward to seeing more work!

Cheers, :slight_smile:



Ok! Great thanks a lot! I will definitly work on making the heads bigger!:scream: I def knew the head was small on 3rd piece but I though it just made him look buff.:smiley:


Hehe, definitely buff, but far too much. :smiley: It’s a common mistake, I tease Mike (default.rol) about it all the time! :smiley:

Cheers, :slight_smile:



getting used to the tablet…



Oh, I definitely like that last one a lot! The atmospheric painting is of course really appealing to me…I would suggest finding a good source of black and white imagery, and perhaps practicing from that. Black and white photos are great of course for helping you / training your eye to see values.

Try finishing the face on this one if you can, beyond just the block~in.

Nice work! :slight_smile:




Ok heres my attempt for the face

I think im gona go review Nebezial’s digital painting tutorials.:smiley:


Very cool! :slight_smile: Looks a bit like Mike Tyson. :smiley:

Cheers, :slight_smile:



hehe thanks!:slight_smile:
working with Nebezial’s blender tool


Very cool! I would say to go in and do a bit more straight painting / touch~up work. Try not to rely completely on effects, though this is a really good one. :slight_smile: Really emphasize lights and darks, especially where they meet in crisp or soft edges.

Great progress! :slight_smile:




Ok update!:scream: The veins dont look quite right though.


Wow! Super nice! :thumbsup: The only thing I would say would be to try to get the features of the face to ‘wrap around’ the mass of the head ~ think of the head as a cylinder that is facing down and turned slightly away from the viewer (us) ~ the features of the face, eg, the brow, eyes, nose, lips, chin, ears, etc., will wrap around / follow that cylinder in perspective.

Great work! It’s very nice to see your progress! :slight_smile:




Thanks!:scream: I see what you mean, the nose and chin in particular look way too flat.


Hey, yeah, just a bit of shading would really help there! :slight_smile:




Woah, you have some really nice stuff for being a junior (why thats what i am!)

Im thinking ill start a thread for me once i get like 4 more pieces to my collection, be expecting to see mine soon!



I grew up in Maryland and went to high school there ~ are you aware that there are some excellent magnet art schools there? One is Einstein high school ~ Art Center, led by Mr. Barnes ~ and the other is at Walt Whitman, formerly run by Walt Bartman, not sure whether or not he has retired. If you check out Einstein, tell him I sent you. :slight_smile:

Einstein is not a great school otherwise, but there are other magnet schools with other types of programs all over Maryland.

Cheers, :slight_smile:



Thanks man!:scream: Looking foward to see my competition.:Dhehe


THe gymnast loks awesome. Only thing I have to say is that you will earn very little if anything by reproducing photos. Its all about observing the 3d human form. Photos help but don’t use them exclusively. looks good though. keep goin