Sketchbook Thread of Redehlert


Hey there…thanks for tourin’ this SB. If you have any crits, input or questions…let me know!

   Please note that there are probably several missing image icons. Go to the end of this sketchbook to see newer images. Recent update includes a cover illustration homage to Rodin's Thinker (now with a brain). This is for the cover of Quest magazine, a publication by Fred Hutch Cancer Research Center. Topic is healing the body through the mind. The golden spiral pulls the pieces together.


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and this is a place holder for my comments once this takes off. good to see you here redehlert. :slight_smile:


Hey Rebecca! Oh…I’ll bring it.
Hey Bumskee! What a treat to have you over here too! Hey Rebecca - go check out Bumskee’s work <-- solid!!


Oh, it’s already been broughten! :smiley: I have seen bumskee’s work ~ and it so rocks!! :thumbsup:

Gotta run to school…hopefully by the time I get home it’ll be bringed :wip:


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Oh how I love workin’ in Academia sometimes.
One of my clients works in Pathology and is associated with Autopsy (of course). He’s not doing the autopsies or path work-ups, but he is kinda like the man behind the curtain, making things happen. Long story short, I wrote him and told him I’d like to come by during my lunch hours each work to do organ studies and possibly draw from recent autopsy, etc. I know, I know…sounds morbid, but that’s my plan. I’m working on the outside of the body (bones, muscles), but my job is all inclusive, ya know? Since I realize that studying from life is so important, I’m opting to drop the reference books and go for the real deal. Mmmm…good times! I’ll post the studies here. I think I start in mid-December.


Yay! You know, now you can walk around and say, “I see dead people”. I bet that’s a big joke amonst Anatomists and the like. :smiley:

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oh, this is sure to make our pun-da-bear go wild: from “post your death drawings” over “build anatomy up from within” to “watch your opposing nerves”

but, seriously, this is a quite exciting announcement and I will be looking forward to any of of those studies. Don’t think that’s actually morbid. It’s a sign of real devotion to learning/studies:thumbsup:subscribes

…and it takes guts to do it (harhar… ah man, I will shut up now)


oh bloody hell. :wink:
i’ve heard em all. one of the general favs was: “you’re in gross anatomy? ew…gross!”
i cannot wait to do this and can really see some fun studies coming across.
i think they’ll be bic pen studies for starters, but there’ll be a few that i’m sure i’ll want to take to final.
thanks for the interst and the funny quips!

word for the day: greater sulcus.



LMAO! :smiley:

Oh, it’ll just degenerate from here…sighs ~ but where is your work from the Workshop, pray tell? :smiley:


~Rk tears welling


Some stuff from my workshop: Drawing on the Past, Artistic Anatomy.
This was over at CGTalk and is wrapping up today. I fell way behind in my work, so I’m only showing a few pieces right now, but I’ll be updating this stuff as I finish them. I can’t show the originals or the review by my instructor, but I did pay careful attention to the details. :slight_smile:




removed thumbs and added the big ones because rebecca is lazy. :wink:


trust me, rebecca…i’ll pull out as many stops as possible…



Hey redehlert :smiley:

I’m lookin’ forward to cool organ studies turning up. Good choice to start in December… better than the height of summer anyway! :eek: :argh:

MIKE :thumbsup:


Beauty shots, thanks!

If you can host them and post the URL into the little sun / mountain icon in the EDIT POST text editor, that would be great! Then we can admire your drawings w/o having to click on anything ~ a bunch of lazy brutes we are! :smiley:

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i was doing it the same way as the workshop…hehehee…i’ll edit in a momento!


hey default!
thanks for stoppin’ by…definitely a good time to snuggle up by the fire with a polycystic kidney or aortic aneurysm rather than picnicing with the same items. the ants would be all over the place. a veritable dali piece in the making there. :slight_smile:


now for some of the less than spectacular studies. :wink:
but they’re studies, none-the-less

A proportion tracing with color box overlay for head sizes.





Schweet, great to see you posting these! :slight_smile:

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And something fun I did on re: Character of the Week #04 - Mortimer, Devil’s Advocate.
Hey Rebecca - have at it! Do whatever work over you wish to!