Sketchbook Thread of Raintears


I’m new here, my pen name is Daniel Kim, people usually call me Kim, and I’m 20 years old.
I thought it would be a good idea to get some advices here too.These are some studies that I did yesterday with photo references since I’ve never had the opportunity to pay a model and stuff like that… but I hope I can do some real life drawings some day.

Done with pencil.
Around 40 minutes each.

See ya,



Welcome aboard! May I ask, why is your name different from what you have listed in your avatar? Just curious. :slight_smile:

Nice work here! I think on the first drawing, the ankles seem a bit odd. Have you ever drawn from Anatomy books? I really recommend it!

You seem to have a really nice sense for drawing ~ I also recommend doing Master Copies. This can help you to improve your linework and to improve your use of Opposing Curves ~ check out the “Article” link in my signature for an in depth explanation of the Opposing Curves concept, which is something you can see in many, many artists’ drawings and paintings.

Looking forward to seeing more work here!

Cheers, :slight_smile:




you are going to get critique and helpful hints enough so I will just stick to saying “Wow, how very nice!” right now.

I especially like the red hair and your edge treatment in general - looking forward to your development…

ah, and welcome, btw…:smiley:


@Rebecca K
Thank you very much, Rebecca for the the advices that you gave me. It was really helpful and I’ve read the article about opposing lines. I’m going to apply that knowledge from now on. I never thought about that, you know, Opposing lines and Master copies. I’ve also never drawn from anatomy books and stuff, but I do have some Loomis’ books here [but never really used them], because I can’t afford them now, but I’m really going to do what you suggested. I’m so happy. I think it was a great thing coming here! ^^

And about the ankles in the first drawing, you are right, I had some trouble while drawing that part and I’ve left it as I thought it looked better. I never really follow the references I have.

LOL. Well, there was saying ‘Your full, real name’ and I was like… ‘OMG, but I use a pen name! What I’m going to do now?..’ . Hm… I use this pen name, because I love manhwa, which are korean comics, and I did some researches about South Korea [ and started to learn Korean alone but it isn’t easy… ] and I really liked what I discovered, so it was a kind of homage.

Hey, thanks a lot!
Yeah, I hope so! I’m really glad to be here.
I was a little bit intimidated, like I was before when I’ve joined ConceptART, because CGtalk is the most serious forum that I know and some of my favourites artists are here too, so… yeah… but I had to have the guts to try.


Hey, it’s been a long time, buit I decided to upload something new here.

Old speedpaint done for the DSG here at CGtalk.

3 Head studies done for the Anatomy lessons 1 at CGTalk…

And some of the characters designs for Fake Game Project here at

You can view more at FGP #1 - VG/Survival Horror thread at conceptART.

I think I’ve to do do some sketches in traditional media.
Hm, that’s all for this update.



Great to see you back! :slight_smile: I’m really liking your Portraits, and hope that you continue to do these ~ it’s such a great opportunity for practice!

The grayscale piece is especially complete ~ I also like the Calling of St. Matthew study. Keep going with these! :slight_smile:




Thanks a lot for the visit and comment that you left here. I agree that doing these head studies helped a lot… I’m a lil’ bit behind, but I’ll try to do at least ten heads.

Some studies I did today.



You’re welcome! :slight_smile: You have a great touch with the pencil. :thumbsup: The last piece in particular is impressive, is that a self portrait, or a portrait of a friend? :slight_smile: One piece I think needs more work is this:

[left]It seems unfinished, do you plan to work on it more? :slight_smile:




I’m glad you liked these sketches, RebeccaK! And yep, the last one is a self-portrait… I never tried drawing a friend or a relative, I just draw from photo references, maybe I should try asking people to allow me to draw then and see what happens, hehe. The doodle of the green-haired girl was just a quick play with colors that I did… I like the idea of the drawing but I wasn’t planning to finish it, but I’ll see what I can do for it. LOL.

Hm, here are some more I did for the DSS here at CGTalk.

It was supposed to be done in 15 minutes, but I retouched it and got this result.

Done in 25 minutes. It’s really simple, but I like the atmosphere.

I’ll post more pencil sketches soon!
I just can use that kind of traditional media at the moment.


Hi raintears,
you have got a very nice sketchbook here! I like your stuff a lot especially the girls in your first post :wink: Keep it up!


Thanks for the visit and nice comments, Trunks.
I’m posting a girl this time!

Today’s sketches.

I gotta work more on proportions, I think.



Hey there! :slight_smile: I think these latest sketches lack the polish and conviction of the first ones; really you want to feel by looking at a piece as though there is interaction between the pen and the surface; and I don’t feel that as much with these latter pieces except a bit with the drawing of the girl. :slight_smile: Certainly I know the frustrations of translating traditional to digital, and am slogging through the transition myself. :wink: Do you plan on refining your last sketch? :slight_smile:




Hey, Rebecca!
Sorry for taking a long time to reply your question.
I didn’t receive the notification in the e-mail and stuff has been kinda crazy lately, but thanks a lot for the comment and I really know what you are talking about on these sketches.

I don’t want to give a excuse, but when I drew these drawing I was feeling kinda depressed and my mood influentiates my work a lot. I wish I could put myself away from these feelings that doesn’t help, but… it’s hard, hehe.

I didn’t pretend to refine the last sketch, but… I think I’ll redo it and try to improve the flaws in proportions that I was having these days. I still have them, but I’ll try my best. Do you recommend any exercise?

Here are some of the drawings I’ve done lately.

Just a line flow play.

Master copies, but I wasn’t pretending to make a perfect copy, just to have fun and it worked… I felt so much better after doing them that I think I’ll always do master copies now! XD~

Misc. sketches.

B&W fun.

I was feeling my coloring skill where getting rusty.
I decided to make a series to have fun.

Sorry for posting all that stuff in one time… hehe.
See ya,


Hello Kim,

great thread you’ve got going here
post more :smiley:


These two are really cool! Keep it up!


Thanks a lot for the visit and the comment!

Thanks a lot!
I’m glad you liked these works!

I’ll try to keep uploading more soon.

A wip.

That’s all for now!
See ya,



I love seeing your updates, your pencil sketches are particularly strong. With respect to digital painting, I might recommend trying out the skull tutorial linked here:

Personal Sketchbook Primer and Tutorial / Workshop Guide

Mychael just did a lovely job with the exercise here, and learned a lot, I think:

Skull Exercise

Looking forward to seeing more of your work!




Hey, Rebecca!
I’m really really sorry for the long absence on the forum. These last months were so crazy… I’ve had a problem with my PC and I was hardly using it, but it’s fixed now and I kept practicing… not as before due to my laziness, but I do want to learn and I’m glad that you wanna help me in this journey.

I begin to work on the skull exercise that you suggested, but I’ll post some studies, before and the finished version of the wip I posted before… I almost don’t draw animals, so I thought I should draw them more.

I still have to learn about proportions, but now the wip for the skull…

The skull is giving me a hard time, hehe, but I’ll keep trying.

See ya!


Nice thread, Kim. It’s great to see your personal work interspersed with the studies. Will be nice to see how far you go with the skull…nice start.



Hey, Cris!
Thanks a lot, girl! I already told ya that, but I love your sketchbook! ^^

Some random sketches…

The continuation of the skull exercise…

I still have a long way 2 go and it doesn’t look like the reference at all.
That’s sad, but I gotta keep working on it.

A rough Wolverine that I did today. It’s full of flaws, I know, but I was too lazy to fix them. I guess I should study more structure before doing value studies. Bleargh.