Sketchbook Thread of Radical_Seifer


Hey everybody,

Ive finally grown some balls and decided to make my very first post on

Feel free to ask anything and all C&C is welcome!

Photoshop CS - took about 7 hours or so start to finish



Welcome aboard! Lovely post! Would you mind if I changed the name of your thread to Anatomy Thread of Radical_Seifer? Did you want to tell us a bit about your background and training? :slight_smile:

Cheers, :slight_smile:



Sure go ahead and change the name.

As for training? Just a basic certificate for art fundamentals from a Sheridan college. But, For the most part im self taught though ;). Currently just doing a bit of freelance design work. Mostly print and 3d viz stuff, but a bit of web stuff too.

I used a photo study off the net for the painting. I just picked up a Graphire4 6 x 8 and this is first Digital Painting I have finished. I used mostly just a hard edged brush.
then a spackled brush ,I got off Enayla’s website ,with smudge for blending. I used to the technique Nebezial outlined in his tutorial forum…164#post2506164

Hope that helps! MORE C&C PLEASE!


Rad - I am not one to give C&C on CGs. It looks great from here. I would like to say that I was shy at first too. I didn’t start posting at this site until recently. I do not have a thread here because I mainly post on the OFDWs. I had this mind thought that only exceptional artist posted their work. I realized that it was for people like myself to learn at these sites. You sketch is nice. Post more or try the OFDW 14.


If you haven’t already, you should totally join the Challenge!

Cheers, :slight_smile:



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