Sketchbook Thread of Polonoid


Rebecca-Thanks for the link!I haven’t seen Fenchin’s work before,very inspiring!

I’ve been really busy these past few days with my project,but hopefully i’ll be finished until the end of the week so i’ll have more time to devote to my studies.I’ve also started reading John Ruskin’s “The Elements of Drawing”.I have a great admiration of Ruskin’s work(and even more on his thoughts about art).Wish i had read it before i started my college years.I’m not very excited about it right now and i don’t alway’s agree with what he says but it’s an interesting read and i intent on finishing it.
Small updates



Glad you like the link! :slight_smile: Fechin is a great artist, he’s one of the few whose drawings and paintings I equally enjoy.

As usual, very beautiful studies, and look forward to seeing more when you have the chance. :slight_smile:




Update at last…
Some quick sketches


I like your bones and your side portrait of the girl- I think you could use becca’s initial anatomy tutorial, not sure where it is though- the one where she talks about the flow of action… keep up the good work!


Some real nice stuff you’ve got going here (those bone studies are amazing). I’m really liking your figure studies and gestures, but I looove the last one in your last post. :thumbsup:



Really nice line.and gesture…less is more…:applause:
Like that last one also…looks like you captured the whole feeling with one stroke…:thumbsup:
Keep up the GREAT work…a real pleasure seeing it…:slight_smile:




Nice outdoor sketches!

One artist whose work you might really enjoy is Bobby Chiu:

His sketches are really incredible, he does some amazing caricaturing work. :thumbsup:

Cheers, :slight_smile:



Finally some updates…

Studies from various books



some outdoor sketches




and some other (figurative) stuff from the mind


Lots of good stuff here, wow! I love the “other (figurative) stuff from the mind”. Mindblowing to me. I love that kind of stuff. The girl with the scissors (or whatever that thing is) is true awesomeness! Those fast drawings look great too. But make sure to do more of that “other stuff” :thumbsup: I’ll be coming back.


Thanks razz!Studies,practise and sketching help me loose some steam between various boring jobs…

Here’s some more (a bit older)sketches

and some more recent one’s



WOW…lot’s of great studies, and nice imagination at work also…:applause:
Would be nice to see you explore group compositions,…where the figures are acting, and reacting with each other…a whole art in itself…think you would
really enjoy it, and would be great at it, once you got a feel for it…:slight_smile:
Looking forward to seeing lot’s more of your work…:thumbsup:



SpiritDreamer-thanks.I will have in mind what you said about group compositions.I have a looong way to go…

Some studies/sketches…not much

by the way can anyone please tell me how to upload my sketchbook as my signature?




shame on me for missing out on your thread for so long. Really inspiring, almost everyhitng in here.

The way you focus on the interior structures. The skeletals along with slight outlines to show how they influence the outer structures as in your beautiful hand studies.

The craftmanship in general. Absolutely stunning how accurate and detailed everything looks.

Your outside sketches of peoples poses are amazing. How much detail, flow and storytelling in such a short time.

Erm, lol, you realize I am being a little enthusiastic…:smiley:


Signature: you copy the link to your thread (for example from the forum’s overview page) and go to userCP->edit signature… you should be able to use the wysiwyg editor with all the icons above your text editing box. Among those icons is a world globe with a paperclip symbol.

You select the text that is to appear as a link in your signature.
You hit the globe icon button.
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By looking at your “older sketches” and “more recent ones” I do see great progression. The colors, the way you control your brushstrokes, much better! Love your pencils drawings too! Great pencilwork (something I’m working on to improve).

I see you’re doing all. Imagination works, studies, life drawings. Awesome to see that.

Keep up the inspirational work :thumbsup:


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