Sketchbook Thread of Pacucho


Alright everyone I have to admit it’s been a long time since I have done any sort of drawing, so I post these images of my sketchbook looking for any help possible. I chose a different career path other than art and am now deeply regretting my mistake. However, after stumbling upon a forum on about an individual who made drastic changes in his ability, I too am hoping I can get better with the help of everyone here! :slight_smile:

Anyway to get started I am waiting for my Loomis book to arrive in the mail, but found some pdf copies of the same book and have been working on learning the human porportions. Here are some sketches I have done recently.


So here is what I was able to do at work today. Again, not the greatest, but just trying to work through the Loomis books. Just out of curiosity, does anyone find some of his explanations a bit confusing? Also, anyone have any advice on how to get better doing the entire body? As you can see from my attempt at doing proportions, I am way off.


Hi Nate. Great start you have here!

Unfortunately, it’s been a while since I read that book. I don’t remember the discussions.

Concerning proportions, look at how things line up with each other and then compare it to your drawing. If you draw a straight line down from the Loomis female’s underarms, you see that it lines up with the outside of her hips. If you dropped a line from her nipple, it lines up with the outside of her knee and foot. On the side view, drop a line down from her back and her buttocks should stick out past the line instead of inside (whereas looking at the male diagram you see the back and buttocks line up). I used to place a ruler on the picture to better visualise the lines. Some people hold out their pencil. With practise, you develop the ability to just eyeball it.

Keep sketching!


Hey Heather,

Thanks for the reply. I really appreciate it. I will try to match things up better. Lately I have been going through the Loomis book on drawing the hands and heads. But I do try to mix it up every night so as not to get too frustrated with the figure.


So I have been working on a self portrait and while it is probably better than what I could have done years ago, it still looks so very amateurish to me.

Here’s a link to it:

I was wondering if anyone has any ideas or advice they can give when it comes to working with pencil. I did read on a web site that using graphite combined with smearing will cause works to look like an amateur has done them, and that cross hatching is a better approach. Does anyone have any input on this or any advice they can give? I would be so very grateful.



Alright so I haven’t posted anything for awhile, I wasn’t sure how to post images without uploading them to the CG web site. Here’s what I have been doing over the last month. Hopefully you can see some improvement, among the randomness of my sketching!

Big thanks to DriftingEmber in helping me get these images posted!


And some more:





Still trying to draw everyday, work is making it harder right now though. Here are some of the most recent things I have been able to finish. I also picked up a book, “Keys to Drawing,” by Bert Dodson. Trying to do the exercises in the book. As always any crits or advice are helpful.


Painting of a bird, done in Photoshop, not quite done yet.


Here are the Dodson sketches:


So it’s been awhile since I last posted. Work has been keeping me too busy. I have done some drawing just not enough. Check out what I have done lately on my blog and hopefully I can get some posts over here in the next day or two. I look forward to any feedback! :thumbsup:


it’s getting better and better. Keep posting man.


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