Sketchbook Thread of Octopodi


Well, it’s just a face but… I was going to post some picures here before, but my computer freaked out, my hard disk fried and basically I lost every single picture I had been working on. I’ll post something new if I manage to get in the mood for drawing some day soon, or if I get my drawings back from school soon.



I’ve just seen your Anatomy Thread! Lovely image…I’m terribly sorry to hear about your hard drive…I know it’s too late for the pieces you were working on, but I really recommend investing in an external hard drive if you don’t already have one, and backing up periodically. Also, sometimes it may seem as if your hard drive has fried, when it’s just the boot drive. Can you take your computer somewhere to be looked out, to make sure it’s not just the boot drive? This has happened to me before, where I thought I had lost all my info. on my hard drive, when that was not in fact the case. It certainly does pay in this day and age to have an IT friend. :smiley:

Really looking forward to seeing more of your work from school…this piece is beautiful! Is it from a photo?

Cheers, :slight_smile:



[left]Hi Octopodi,

very good work with the face. :thumbsup:
Wish you much luck because of computerproblems and much fun here.



i love redheads :slight_smile:


Rebeccak: I used some photo reference of my own old photos, but then I just erased the whole picture and started something new as I wasn’t quite satisfied with it. My dad had an external hard drive and he gave that to me so that I can save my future projects there until I get my own one :D.

Ravena: thank you :slight_smile:

warpyy: I like redheads too, I paint them most of the time and I think I need to start drawing something else too.


Hi …Octopodi…:slight_smile:
Great job on that face…nice lighting…:applause:



welcome octopodi

sensual portrait - I like the neck (in fact it looks like it would be fun to take a bite:scream: )!

Looking forward to more paintings from you!


And some really quick sketches of noses, I felt reeeaally intelligent after drawing a page full of noses, these are just a few of them :smiley:



Very nice set of drawings! I suddenly feel the need to scratch my own nose, however…:smiley:

Glad to see these studies! Maybe some eye, mouth, or ear studies next? :slight_smile:




Noses are fun :smiley: I’m currently drawing a set of eyes and next will be hands :slight_smile:


Beautiful noses, beatiful personalities:thumbsup: :smiley:



nice sketches & beautiful work on that face! :thumbsup:


And now a few quick sketches of eyes, more to come later this day

(“7800% thicker, longer lashes”)



Nice to see your work, and looking forward to your next update! :thumbsup:

Cheers, :slight_smile:



more eyes!



Wow, beautiful work! What media are you using? :slight_smile:

Cheers, :slight_smile:



Thanks, I use HB-2B pencils and 90g/m paper :smiley:


nice studies you got there! awesome work on the eyes especially the last three!


Thanks, everyone, it’s really nice to know someone likes my drawings, mostly they just get ignored. These last few days I’ve been spending time with my friend so I haven’t really got any time to post anything here. I’ll sketch something new today and post it here.
I’m really happy that my friend asked me to teach her some cg, because I want to help anyone that’s interested in hearing what I have to say :smiley: So, you can use anything that I post here as reference if it helps you in any way :slight_smile: I mostly draw from life or use pictures that I have taken myself as reference.


Lips this time