Sketchbook Thread of NOOB!


Hey guys,recently took up proper life drawing classes.

heres sum stuff from this week and last week…

newest to oldest




1hr *shudders at crappyness


5 minute gestures

still ain’t got no male models yet :roll:

the last three are from the first class last week,where i hated being there,but i’ve been enjoying it more recently.




Dios Mio, can it be? WORK from you! :eek: :scream:

Great to see, my friend. :wink: I REALLY like your 1st, 3rd, 4th and 5th drawings. Very nice work here ~ I’m seeing a lot of potential with the 3rd drawing in particular, the closeup of the torso. If you’d like, I can post up a little demo later of how to reapproach / improve this piece. Overall, I’m quite happy to see your work here ~ as long as you and pushav don’t fill this thread with spam, I’m glad to see it in the Anatomy Forum. :wink:

With respect to the title of your thread ~ any chance I can change it to “Anatomy Thread of NOOB”? You knew this was coming…:wink:

Let’s see some more work, NOOBsters!




Looks like you gave in lol.
Keep posting.



nice to see you knocking out some work. more! more!



Great to see you on the forum! :slight_smile: I hope to see some more of your work, as well! Feel free to create your own Anatomy Thread of Somhairle if you will regularly be posting work. Or, post to our numerous threads. :slight_smile:




dahaha,yeh go ahead and change the name,i did that so it would stand out.

and need u ask me for a demo? DO IT DO IT! i’m waiting.

thanks u guys,more on saturday!


Looking forward to more sketches. :wink: Thanks for letting me change the title. :slight_smile:




do i still get a demo??



This is going to be a super busy weekend for me :wink: but I’ll try to do something next week… :slight_smile:




u better!! lol

Ok heres sum work from class today,sorry for the bad photos,the paper used today was a tad thinner,so it was kinda opauqe,i’ll have to take pics against a white bg next time.

we got to spend 1hr 20 mins on the final drawing today,i’m pleased with it

5min gesture 1

5 min gesture 2

5 min gesture 3

thats all folks!


Nice work, NOOB! :slight_smile:

I think the main thing to work on is the relative size of the head to the body. In each of the pictures, the head seems to be a bit small. The drawings of the bodies, however, are really nice ~ particularly in the first drawing! I also like the sensitivity of your linework. Who knew that beneath that goofy facade lay the heart of a draughtsman? :thumbsup:

Cheers, :slight_smile:



stupid heads,its cos i drew all the heads last,cos i was idiotic.

but i got sum nice compliments from the peeps in my class. If u looked up hard enough u cud probably find my ego,damn twas big.

Cool,i’m glad my lines are showing more sensitivity,i was reading sum bridgman and looking at some of your print outs during our breaks,guess the influences are finally showing.



Cool! :slight_smile: I hope to see more of your sketches today. :thumbsup:




Drawing the heads last? that is a no no lol.
Your best one is the one that you took an hour on:p
Keep on posting.:cool:


think i flopped a bit in this class tiredness

the girl had strange proportions,like a small head,small breasts,huge hips,reminded me of a sum renaissance michelanglo/rapheal type women.

ah well.


These are pretty nice, NOOB ~ particularly the first one. I think what you really need to work on here are the hands ~ currently, in several of the pictures, she looks to be wearing oven mitts, heehee! I do this too, but it’s worthwhile to do some dedicated hand studies.

I think you should look at silver point drawings by Fra Filipino Lippi. Amazing stuff. I’ll try to post links, but feel free to run a search yourself. I have a book of his silver point drawings, and they’re just amazing!

Cheers, :slight_smile:



yeh i need to do sum hand studies/master copies

i’ll avoid michelanglo and go for Raphael and Da Vinci.

but first…life drawings…

here have some more!! and one of these! and another one!! wuahaha



That first piece in particular is pretty nice! Do you feel that you do better on the shorter, or the longer poses? You seem to do quite well when you’re given the time to focus on details. :slight_smile:

I would recommend checking out the work of Andrew Wyeth ~ his watercolors and pencil drawings. I think he’s still alive ~ not positive, though. Living his crazy life, somewhere in Pennsylvania, I believe. :slight_smile:

Keep posting. :wink:




i dunno,my line work in the short poses looks better and more free,but the details in my longer poses look good,and the line work a bit bleh!

tryin to combine the two but i’m struggling,i’ll check out the artists u mentioned.and i’ll do some master copies soon…


heres sum from today…as u can see i’m still not attempting hands haha :lol:



didn’t have any warm up gestures sketches today :frowning: the lecturer said i need to stop hashing so much and relax.So difficult!!!

especially when u surrounded by people that are 10million times better than u!